Mcafee Personal Firewall Plus

  Tenacious Green 07:13 08 Jan 2006

As mentioned in a previous thread I have had to uninstall Zone Alarm due to crashes possibly caused by the same. Rather than install a previous version of ZA I have decided as an AOL user to make use of the free Mcafee Personal Firewall Plus and try this for a while.

However I have my reservations to its effectiveness of outbound program control, for instance, its took 4-5 sign ins on MSN Messenger for Macafee to notice it at all, and it still has not noticed spywareblaster updater or Startup Inspector for windows consultation. It took a couple of update requests on AVG for it to notice too. Can others shed any light on this? I am sure I have read reviews of Firewalls previously where Mcafee came out with top marks!

  ICF 07:26 08 Jan 2006

I have been using Mcafee for a while and never had any problems.Doesn't Mcafee preconfigure some programs because they are trusted or known?

  Tenacious Green 07:37 08 Jan 2006

Yes it does with programs like AOL, IE, Firefox, but like I say it hasn't even noticed that a couple of programs have accessed the net and it took a while for it to notice other programs.

  ICF 07:58 08 Jan 2006

Try setting it to show all alert.

  CurlyWhirly 08:05 08 Jan 2006

I used to use the AOL 'freebie' firewall but after it failed GRC's Leaktest I decided to buy the boxed version mainly because in the 3+ years of using McAfee I have had no problems with either their Firewall or antivirus packages.

  Tenacious Green 08:38 08 Jan 2006

I have it set to show program alerts as I like to control what requires access, but it hasn't shown these few programs.

Interesting what you say CurlyWhirly. I may test it myself later. Anyhow I don't want to stick ZA back on yet until I have established if that is the apparant cause of recent crashes so I will stick with this in the short term.

  Tenacious Green 22:08 08 Jan 2006

I ran Leaktest myself and the firewall failed, therefore will be removed immediatley. I will also contact AOL but doubt much will come from that.

  VoG II 22:19 08 Jan 2006

Too late but I have the paid for version of McAfee Firewall Plus and I have no leakage and it is pretty good. I do appreciate that free alternatives are available but I like McAfee.

It seems to me that AOL must be providing some sort of cut-down version.

  Strawballs 00:33 09 Jan 2006

I agree with VoG™, I have been using Mcafee internet suit for a while now which includes firewall plus and I also use most of the programs that you mentioned but I have had no problems I too think that AOL's might be a watered down version.

  Tenacious Green 09:00 09 Jan 2006

I last night contacted AOL help and they did not say it was or was not the full Mcafee version so I agree with you. Their response was that if I wasn't happy with it I should uninstall it. Fair enough I suppose, but to promote a product that does not do what it should to people who may not know better is a little disappointing.

  CurlyWhirly 13:37 09 Jan 2006

I forgot to say that since buying the retail version of McAfee's Personal Firewall Plus, it now DOES pass the Leaktest so it was worth buying especially as I ordered it online to take advantage of a special offer of 50% off the RRP!

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