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  collinsc 20:59 16 May 2009


A friend has asked me to sort out his laptop with regards to security. He is receiving a msg from mcafee - which appears to be indicating he had a 60 day trial (how can i check this?). When i follow instructions it is taking us on to the next step and asking us to log in - his tiscali email addy is not recognised - so im assuming he has not registered - and it is simply now asking us to register and sign up and pay!?

I tried to install AVG Free. AVG recognised that there was another protection programme and advised i uninstall it. (this is the point i backed out and thought i would seek advice!)

I have AVG Free, AD Watch 2007 and SUPER Anti Spyware free addition.

Should i uninstall his mcafee and install the 3 above apps?

I am keen to help this guy as he has sorted my car for me! but i dont have the know how and i dont want to mess up his laptop, or leave him unprotected. All advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:09 16 May 2009

Assumming Vista

Then the windows firewall is good enough
Antivirus AVG or Avast (Avast seems to give less problems)
Super Antispyware is a good enough to back up Defender which is built into windows vista and will realtime scan for spyware.
Add SpywareBlaster as a blocker and something to filter the spam and he will be well protected.

The only problem is getting him to remember to update his protection on a regular basis.Although Defender and Avast will do it automatically.

  ambra4 21:15 16 May 2009

McAfee installed on a new computer is only a 60-day trial unless he bought the software

when he brought the computer

“Should I uninstall his McAfee and install the 3 above apps?”


You cannot run two Antivirus on the same computer at the same time

  collinsc 21:15 16 May 2009

Thanks for responding.

sorry - i believe it is XP...
Is what you said still true for XP?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:33 16 May 2009

The XP firewall is rubbish, only works one way, get something like ZoneAlarm.

Avast has built in antispyware as well as antivirus,
backed up with superantispywre and spywareblaster there won't be any problems likely to slip through.

  collinsc 09:28 17 May 2009

thanks kindly

  collinsc 20:13 25 Jul 2009

Hi All
Thanks for advice. I am finally about to do the installs. His O/S is XP.

I am planning on installing:

and Not:

I plan to uninstall Mcafee

He will of course have his windows firewall also (will i need to turn this off at any point during the installs?).

Does the above installs seem the best route or should i alter the list?

thanks again

  Clapton is God 20:37 25 Jul 2009

"Does the above installs seem the best route or should i alter the list?"

Add SpywareBlaster as well and you should be OK

  birdface 09:28 26 Jul 2009

Get rid of defender and Put Superantispyware in its place also add Spywareblaster.I would also add Malwarebytes [Free] on to that.Zone Alarm I am not sure about.if he does not know how to change Anti-Virus programs about I cannot see him being able to run Zone alarm.The constant pop-ups asking him to allow or deny programs will get to him.I would download Kerio Firewall[Free] you get no pop ups with that.Windows Firewall will turnitself off when you download another Firewall.

  birdface 09:30 26 Jul 2009

McAfee removal tool.

click here

  collinsc 11:25 26 Jul 2009

Thanks guys.
So now ive got:

Kerio Firewall

Can you please let me know if you agree this is the best to install and advise exactly what these protect against?

thanks very much

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