Is the McAfee firewall a good idea for me?

  trotto 10:50 11 Apr 2005

Is it a good idea to install McAfee firewall plus
I am not on Broadband and I wonder how good an idea it is to install, for instance, the freebie with this month's mag of the McAfee firewall plus? I have internet banking and am getting more alarmed by the stories one reads. My son, who knows more about these things, says that if I install the McAfee it will slow down my computer too much and that the basic anti-virus system that I have already got should suffice. Any comments would be most welcome. Thanks.

  TomJerry 10:57 11 Apr 2005

it will not slow down the PC much, another alternative (favoured by many forum members) is zonealarm, free to use click here

your son can quit ZA if he thinks the PC is slowing down

the need of a firewall for dial-up is more important than BB. You do no want a dialer program get into PC and dial expensive phone number of run up phone bill of thousand, do you?

  Yoda Knight 12:31 11 Apr 2005

what is your anti-virus ? If its one of these security packages that includes a firewall, then your fine with what you've got - if not, perhaps you ought to reconsider your sons advice !

  Belatucadrus 13:28 11 Apr 2005

Firewalls on dial up is a question that will get a variety of answers, to be honest the chances of being hacked are slim. But as there are a variety of free firewalls available, Zonealarm, Kerio, Sygate etc and the performance penalty is minimal, I use one. better safe than sorry.
The best advice to enhance Internet banking security :-

1) Never access your bank account from somebody else's machine, particularly public access ones like libraries or Internet cafés.

2) Never respond to e-mails from your bank using the enclosed hyper link, fake sites and phishing scams are getting very good. Put their home site in your favourites and always access them via that.

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