ARTY DAN 18:58 15 Oct 2006

Does anyone know if mcafee firewall is compatible with avast anti virus home edition? this enquiry is for a friend who wants to set up his computer so he can connect to the internet. Also he has a floppy disk for this computer that will reformat the hard drive. I was wondering if he actually needs it, because if he re-installs windows xp using the windows c.d. then the computer will go back to factory setting which is what he wants. Can anyone tell me if he will need to use the floppy disk after re installing windows xp. He just wants the computer to have the operating system on and internet explorer. He was worried about viruses and malware on the computer I said don't worry re installing windows will get rid of those.
Can anyone help on these questions thank you in advance.


  Fingees 20:35 15 Oct 2006

Xp should be re installed from the CD

Mc afee will not conflict with any Anti virus..
Make sure only one AV programme is used, as they will conflict with each other

Firewalls don't usually conflict, so if you happen to use a modem with a built in firewall it won't conflict with a software one on the computer.

Hope this helps.

  Totally-braindead 20:39 15 Oct 2006

You won't need the floppy just boot from the cd and format and install from there.
McAfee should be ok but as Fingees says ONE anti virus program and ONE firewall. And make sure you switch the Windows firewall off if it comes on.
Once you have formated and reinstalled windows install the motherboard drivers next.

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