MBS - Was Dumb Enough to Pay! :(

  Salty180 15:12 18 May 2007

Hi all,

My girlfriend has been having pop-ups demanding £39.99 from MicroBillingServices for a sex site subscription she never signed up for. Assuming she had searched the relevent subjects before asking for my help, I emailed their customer support unit to no avail. She then telephoned the customer support division, who were no help whatsoever, insisting someone must have accessed the site and therefore she was liable for the costs. When she demanded a telephone number for their appeals department, they claimed not to have one, just a post and email address.

Taking all this into account, I tried contacting them without luck, and eventually paid the bill for her on my debit card to free up her computer.

I then ran a Google search myself and found all the information on this site. Needless to say I'm not happy, but the lesson learnt is not to trust dodgy pop-ups. Or Girlfriends...

What I was hoping you could help with was giving me information on the likelihod that MBS will attempt to repeatedly bill my debit-card, and what course of action I should take to remedy this.



  skidzy 15:26 18 May 2007
  birdface 15:49 18 May 2007

It may also be better to change all your bank details just to be in the safe side.

  Salty180 15:52 18 May 2007

Thanks guys. I've already read the removal thread and deleted the relevent files. I was thinking too, of changing my bank card, so thanks for your reply too Buteman.


  bjh 17:00 18 May 2007

You shouldn't have to change any bank details. You can inform the bank to block any further charges on your card that come from the same source.

  Salty180 12:45 21 May 2007

Well thanks all.

I got in touch with Halifax (my bank) straight away and will be lodging a complaint against MBS with them. What is more, should any more cash be taken from my account by MBS, they are watching and will investigate the company for fraud.


  johnnyrocker 12:49 21 May 2007

can you not also re call the payment you made under fraud/deception rules?


  silverous 13:01 21 May 2007

I never use a debit card online these days, unless I'm 100% sure of the site involved - at least with a credit card you have protection via the credit card company and you can dispute the payment.

I know this doesn't help retrospectively but might be worth getting/using a credit card for this purpose/benefit.

  suesue43 14:03 21 May 2007

i had the same problem, and they said maybe it was your son!! i said he is 8 years old you morons, the would not give me proper address just a box number.yeah right and they are meant to be a retrable company me thinks not i tried doing fluuffys thing but never worked cause im such a novice couldnt really understand (my fault sorry!!) then i tried prevx1 downloaded it hey presto no more shite from MBS hooooooray no more from the basxxxxx!! they are conmen so anyone dont pay, i asked them if you dont pay do you put a virus on pc and why is it trying to take over my log page i got cut off.......... fuuny that, but do try downloading revx1 it worked for me, srry fluffy i coiuld not follow what you said but im useless ant things like that good luck all and dont pay they are bloody conmen

  cannonpaul 16:20 04 Jun 2007

i have the same problem altho i havent paid the bill. has the pop up stopped and do u know any way of getting rid of this pop up im stumped with wot to do!!!!!!!!!! id appreciate any help

  MaxUpload 17:03 04 Jun 2007

cannonpaul - click here

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