MBS Billing Article in PC Advisor & The Guardian.

  Alan L 09:56 31 May 2007

I am writing a brief item here to let everyone know that there are two outstanding articles concerning MBS Billing of Leeds. The first one is shown on the opening pages of this fine magazine with the second in todays' Guardian newspaper. Both of them highlight the problems of downloading from adult entertainment sites and the consequences of doing so. If you haven't yet read either article, then you should so that you know where you stand when you visit such sites.

I'm thankful just to be rid of them and their questionable business practices. I do hope that there will be further ongoing investigations into MBS. I also hope such investigations will be taken up in other quality newspapers such as The Mail. This will then bring into the main arena of quality newspapers for the many others who would otherwise not know about this and simply 'cough up'.

All cheers to PC Advisor and The Guardian!

  €dstowe 10:13 31 May 2007

Very good article you have written. Let's hope that something positive will come out of it (together with the Guardian piece today) but I have a strong suspicion that MBS will carry on as before, snaring the unwary by their underhand practices into downloading things they don't want and would rather not have - as well as demanding money with the threat of disabling the computer with the software that is surreptitiously installed on a click of a mouse.

  Miros 10:21 31 May 2007

'The Mail' and quality? that's not my impression of the Mail, wide distribution yes, but quality not in my opinion.

Can't find article referred to in this months PCA where is it exactly?

  Batch 10:24 31 May 2007
  Miros 10:39 31 May 2007

Underhand they are indeed, I guess the only safe way is stay clear of theses sites.
There's an old saying curiosity killed the cat!

  Miros 10:41 31 May 2007

An afterthought pity it doesn't kill the mouse:-)

  Alan L 10:44 31 May 2007

Hello Miros. The Mail most represents my views, opinions and beliefs in life. I enjoy reading many of the in-depth features that are written, along with the extended newsworthy stories of the day. Other newspapers,euphamistically called 'tabloids',do not represent my views in the way The Mail does. The fact that you could not find the item in PC Advisor without help from 'Batch' I suspect rather proves the point in respect of 'quality'!

  Alan L 10:46 31 May 2007

Hello Miros. I've got to dash out for the bus now (2 hourly service). I'm sure to read your response when I get back!

  Miros 11:33 31 May 2007

I suspect the ones you refer to as tabloids wouldn't get over the doorstep in this household, they are even worse than the Mail in my opinion.

It would appear you and I would not see eye to eye in any event, I have many friends who read the Mail and I would not agree with their views either, though we still remain friends, I would still disagree and tell them that the paper they read in my opinion over all is a rubbish paper mainly because of it's overriding views.

I'm sure some of the tabloids from time to time and on rare occasions publish " in-depth features that are written, along with the extended newsworthy stories of the day" it will never ever make them a quality paper, but that's just my opinion.

I still cannot find the article in the 'opening pages of this fine magazine', was it this months, last months, which month?

The lead by Batch is to a thread in this forum which is a News item by he FE Peter Thomas dated 31st May 2007.

Have a safe Journey Miros.

  simonjary 11:46 31 May 2007

Getting back to the subject, the main forum advice on this topic (MBS) can be found here.

click here

  simonjary 11:49 31 May 2007

And here:

click here

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