MBS (Again)

  r_m_e 18:18 12 Jul 2007

I know there are plenty of threads regarding MBS on here, but this is a new problem for me, having only got the infamous pop-up this evening. I've looked through the posts and I will attempt to clear this pest by some of the methods mentioned, however I am concerned by how this thing came to install itself on my machine. The Forum Editor amongst others has backed up MBS's claim that the installation has happened by (barely) legitimate means, but how can that be the case? My pc is available to only my husband and myself - neither of us were using the computer at the time we are supposed to have accessed this free trial to a porn site. There is a lot of advice on here on dealing with MBS but some of it now seems out of date - is there a 'latest update' someone can point me in the direction of - specifically how I get rid of the thing and how do I complain?

  VoG II 18:23 12 Jul 2007
  helpinghand 19:52 12 Jul 2007

It does sound very odd, and perhaps needs looking into, don't you think? Have you seen the webpage by Michael Pollitt of the Guardian who has been trying to work out how these silent downloads are occuring? You will find the details here click here. The family member who had this problem sent in his IE history to Michael, who was able to look at it. As so many people are trying hard to find out what is happening, you could help both them and yourself by doing this. Michael will also tell you more about how to rid your PC of the menace.

As to complaints, I'd suggest (1) you contact West Yorkshire Trading Standards (they use Consumer Direct for their complaint service) and (2) you get in touch with You and Yours on Radio 4, who are closely following what is happening and asking for those affected to contact them too.

Incidentally, the legality of it is being questioned, so please be reassured on that point.

I'll keep watching this thread to see if you need further help.

  wee eddie 21:48 12 Jul 2007

If you have not cleared any of your Web Surfing History for the period in question then you may have a good case.

If, however, you have cleared your Cookies and Temporary Internet Files for the period in question you may be on very shaky ground.

  VoG II 22:09 12 Jul 2007

click here - your husband (or indeed you) may have had a momentary lapse.

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