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  technique 19:59 11 Nov 2006

Has anyone heard of or witnessed a pop up called MBS Account? I have one appearing daily telling me that I owe money for an adult website subscription which I am certain is fraudulent as I've never knowingly subsctribed to such things. If it has appeared because of a previous pop up or email from an adult site then how can MBS (a billing popup) be claiming that the charge is legitimate? I think it's a scam but when you click the info link of 'I think this is a scam' it returns a message stating that they vet all people using their services so basically saying 'not it's not'. I think MBS itself is a scam though, not the site that it's claiming to be charging me from. Any ideas would be welcomed.

  headcast 21:05 11 Nov 2006
  percina 16:46 20 Nov 2006

Hi there, I just read what you wrote about an mbs account appearing on your pc. I had this happen over the weekend and discovered that it is a possible trojan horse. You may have visited a website with pop ups which could have installed adware on your pc without your knowledge.
The best thing for you to do is to do a system restore to a point in time before this icon appeared on your desktop. Yes it is a scam and it is a nuisance!
Do a full system restore and the go into control panel, network and internet connections, internet options and to the security tab where you can change your settings to not accept cookies from certain websites. You can also go onto the content advisor to change your settings there and block certain websites from being used without a password.
I think this erases the problem but it's best always to keep your antivirus up to date!
Drop me an email if you need any help
[email protected]

All the best, Percina

  Kate B 16:50 20 Nov 2006

percina, first, it's a bad idea to post your email address on a forum such as this - and generally we like to sort people's problems out on the thread so that others can benefit from it.

Second, AV software won't shift a Trojan, and doing a system restore probably won't shift it, either. headcast has posted a link to a thread which deals with removing this particular pest, but in general you need software in addition to AV software to deal with Trojans - A Squared is good for this kind of thing.

  percina 11:29 21 Nov 2006

Hi Kate,
I was just trying to help but obviously I have misunderstandings of what a trojan is.
What I did on my pc removed my problem so hopefully it will do the same for someone elses. And I have many email addresses that I change all the time so as not to receive harmful things on my pc's. The above email address is now not in use.
Anyway, if someone does get the mbs account problem then they can try what I did to try and prevent it from coming back. It has been removed permanantly from my desk top and list of programmes because I restored my pc.

Regards, Percina

  skikid1107 14:36 12 Apr 2007

Search the forums for MBS Bill, click the top one, look for a post by fhiufhyrefyer, and follow his advice. I did and it's gone. DONT PAY THEM! DONT CONTACT THEM!

  mackie414 12:29 22 May 2007

have a final reminder for an MBS Bill and i am trying to get rid of it, all the advise I find is for XP not Vista which i use. Can anyone help me?

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