mbr problem

  anchor 14:02 12 Mar 2003

A friend in France called me to say that he believes he has a corrupted mbr, (master boot record). He has Win-XP home installed.

He would like to know if he can clear, and reinstall his mbr, without, (if possible), losing all the rest of his data. What would you suggest for the best way of clearing the problem.

If this can be done, what commands should he use?.

  woodchip 14:14 12 Mar 2003

there should be a repair in XP if not reinstall over itself that should correct matters

  anchor 14:18 12 Mar 2003

Thanks for your reply woodchip. He said that he has used the re-install disc supplied, but it made no difference.

  woodchip 14:22 12 Mar 2003

There is a way but I do not want to suggest it as he may have to reload XP, but hear goes, from Dos startup disc type FDISK/MBR

  anchor 14:33 12 Mar 2003

To be honest woodchip, thats what I was thinking; but what do I know?.

Anyone else have any other ideas?.

By the way, will XP Home boot-up from a ME startup floppy?.

  anchor 14:36 12 Mar 2003

What I meant to say was, could he boot-up with the ME floppy, in order to type the command prompt


  anchor 15:31 12 Mar 2003

Is it possible for him to boot with the ME floppy to use the command prompt?

  anchor 16:39 12 Mar 2003

Does anyone know?

  VoG™ 16:56 12 Mar 2003

Sorry, I don't know for sure. I would try it but I no longer have an ME boot disk.

click here seems to suggest that it will work:


You can make a boot floppy for Windows XP by right clicking on the floppy drive icon, selecting format, then placing a checkmark in the "Create an MS-DOS startup disk."

This option, however, offers a false sense of security. That's because the XP boot disk you create won't start your CD-ROM or access any drives formatted with XP's NTFS file system.

However, if you have a modern computer, you should be able to boot from any retail or OEM version of the Windows XP CD-ROM just by popping it in your CD-ROM drive and restarting your computer. The disk has the tools to let you install or repair Windows and to partition and format your drive. Better yet, download our XP Help file and make one of our Windows 98/ME boot disks before you upgrade, or see this Microsoft link click here.

  dth 17:03 12 Mar 2003

yes win xp starts up ok with either a win 98 or win m/e start up disc. takes you through to the basic start up prompt.

i have wiped the mbr several times without upsetting the o/s and files. the system simply creates a fresh mbr on re-starting. this applies to a fat32 installation of win xp - it might be different on ntfs

  anchor 17:04 12 Mar 2003

Many thanks VoG™ for your helpful reply. I still use ME, (I prefer it; call me a luddite if you will), but my friend in France has XP-Home. Hence the question.

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