rambus 22:06 10 Jun 2008

have just bought a laptop and have noticed that when i hover the mouse curser over the internet connection in the taskbar it says local area connection speed is 11 MBPs. this is thru a wireless connection. but when i do same on my desktop which is connected by cable it reads 100MBPs, can anyone tell me why and is it possible to up the speed on wireless connection.

  L8-tian 23:09 10 Jun 2008

Depends upon the wireless adapter standard the speed varies.I hope your lap top using B-standard wireless adapter which utilizes 11 mbps banwidth.

When the desktop is connected direclty it reads 100 mbps because it is ethernet connection.The bandwidth usage of LAN card (local area connection) in this desktop is 100 mbps capacity.

  rambus 05:35 11 Jun 2008

thanks L8-tian for your advice, would there be much of a noticable differance if i changed the wireless card in laptop. i do get a very good signal allthrough the house. thanks.

  TonyM 11:15 11 Jun 2008

If your laptop is reasonably new, it should be capable of connecting at "g" standard (54Mbps) ..in which case it may be the setting in your router that is wrong.

Either way, it is worth noting that the 11Mbps is still much faster than your broadband connection is likely to be.Upgrading may speed up moving files from one machine to another, but it won't make any difference to your browsing speed.

  rambus 12:21 11 Jun 2008

thanks TonyM for your explanation, seeing my machines are not networked to each other i will leave all alone, i will tick as resolved and thanks again for your help.

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