m/board failure?

  boybrown 10:25 07 Jan 2005

Hi Folks.

Have been looking at a computer for my brother in law.

Hard drive had gone so got a new one (had double checked on 2 systems). I still had problems with it when I put it on the system so used my comp. to set up the h/drive and install operating system (xp). Everything is fine on my system but still won't boot on the old system. It won't get past the "there was a problem" screen and won't go into safe boot, last known, or normal boot options. I did notice that the m/board seemed to be wrongly reading the processor speed.

Befoer I go and invest in a new m/brd could the problems be caused by my installing the o/s on my comp and then transferring the h/d across?

Any shared thoughts would be great!



  Xevious 10:28 07 Jan 2005

"I did notice that the m/board seemed to be wrongly reading the processor speed" - what size processor? AMD or Intel?

did you try changing the FSB on the mobo?

installing OS on another PC and then moving the HDD is not recommended, try NOT going down that route

  boybrown 10:43 07 Jan 2005

And thanks for getting back in touch. It's an Intel processor. I may go back an try a fresh install on the old computer then if it's not recommeded to change them over. Just thought it would save time as mine's a quicker comp.



  Xevious 10:55 07 Jan 2005

you may end up wasting time as the device drivers would have loaded which are needed for the one mobo, but then you switch to the other you will need to go through the process again. this may (or may not) cause issues...

  boybrown 20:01 07 Jan 2005


Cheers once again for getting back in touch. I've reformatted the disk and installed again using the old system. It's loaded up all right but now getting the computer shutting down with a NT shutdown message. When the computer re-boots the error report says its the LSA Shell (export version) which is causing the shutdown! Any ideas or should I post as a new thread on the site.

Very frustrating indeed!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 07 Jan 2005

LSA Shell (export version)= sasser worm click here

  boybrown 20:44 07 Jan 2005


i did consider that but when I checked the file in the system32 it was microsoft certified. mind you the autoupdate had crashed so maybe that was also the cause.

Some nasty folk out ther and thanks sooo much for everyones help. I'll mark as resolved


boybrown :0)

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