Maybe a silly Question but....

  ACOLYTE 15:29 13 Dec 2004

I am interested in a cpu upgrade,and have been looking around i wont a cpu that runs 2Ghz so i looked at the pcworld site they have a Sempron 2800+ that runs @2Ghz with a 333 fsb,but they also have a Sempron 3100+ that has a 1600fsb and only runs @1.8Ghz i thought it would run faster,what am i missing?.

  TomJerry 15:52 13 Dec 2004

AMD use performance rating rather than clock frequency to indicate CPU speed, Intel follows this method recently, eg. intel 735, 320, 745 etc etc.

To upgrade CPU, you need to find indentify your motherboard to see what kind it support and fastest CPU it can take.

  ACOLYTE 16:04 13 Dec 2004

my mobo can take a cpu with upto a 400 fsb i was looking for a xp3200 with either a 333 or 400 fsb preferably with a barton core,but semprons seem to have taken over at pc world.

  TomJerry 16:53 13 Dec 2004

it is AMD's answer to Intel's celeron

Barton has 512k cache, whilst semprons only has 256 cache. Both Intel and AMD have found big cache is the best way to improve performace.

if you want a Socket A, Barton 3200XP, you can get from overclockers £99.82 (OEM. you need to buy cooling system separately) click here, ebuyer £95.96 (OEM) click here, retail version (cooling system included) £136.14 (3 yr warrenty and cooling included) click here

  TomJerry 16:56 13 Dec 2004

it is a socket 754 CPU

  ACOLYTE 17:53 13 Dec 2004

Thx, TomJerry the last one with heatsink and fan is just what im after,uless i could get just cpu and buy heatsink and fan cheaper than the set,but it looks a good deal,gonna have a word with the enemy and see if i can order.

  TomJerry 18:06 13 Dec 2004

but, OEM version may only has 1 year warrenty. I am not sure about this.

tell enemy, Barton CPUs are disappearing very very soon.

  ACOLYTE 19:29 13 Dec 2004

Good news,this maybe my only Xmas pressy but if i cant find one cheaper locally I'm authorised to order above lol.God knows what she will say when i wont to upgrade to pc3200 ram as well ,lol.

  ACOLYTE 19:44 14 Dec 2004

Update, i have looked locally and have seen a 2800xp 333 Barton core runs at 2ghz for £56+vat inc heat sink and fan i wonted the 3200 but the shop guy says there isn't a lot to choose between them performance wise,is this true? if so is this a good deal,i think so, so if i don't hear otherwise I'm out to buy tomorrow.

  keith-236785 07:44 15 Dec 2004

my ayhlon xp 2600 Barton core, runs at 1.92 ghz, near enough to the 2gig mark for me but it was difficult to find as most suppliers were moving over to semprons. i got mine six weeks ago from ebay for £46.99 (and i consider myself VERY lucky to have done so)

take a look around, Athlons xp's are still available and a 2800xp would give you just over 2gig, and you only need pc2700 memory with it.

  TomJerry 09:53 15 Dec 2004

so you can gain about 14% performance at maximum

good price you got there if it is new and real one

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