May issue 'Clean System 1.7' - OK with XP??

  as400man 17:39 14 Mar 2006

In the May issue of PCADVISOR there is a copy of 'Clean System 1.7' for removing old DLLs but the front screen says:

'NOT FOR WinME/NT/2000 or later' (Their capitals not mine).

Sounds like it cannot be used with XP then?

Anyone know if this is true?


  jimv7 17:41 14 Mar 2006

Try Clean up from click here

also its free.

  ACOLYTE 17:42 14 Mar 2006

Doesnt sound like it.But have never used it so i cant be sure.

  as400man 17:48 14 Mar 2006

What is the point of featuring software that is not meant for XP? I would imagine most people, especially those new to computers since XP was released, use XP so maybe a warning about its limitations should have been in the feature? Not everyone who reads the mag is an enthusiast. The documentation mentions 3.1 and 95. How old is this 'free' stuff?

  bluto1 20:08 14 Mar 2006

I think, and I feel so do you, that there are a lot of folk still using win95 and some on this forum are using win98, so it`s only fair that they too should have the same support from their magazine and DVD/CD as the rest of us. We (XP) get a great deal.

  as400man 22:50 14 Mar 2006

Thanks for the response. My point is that the Mag should make it clear that this will not work with the current OS. There is no indication of this until you install the app.Some XP users may try it and get confused or screw up their registry and that's not fair.


  bluto1 19:37 15 Mar 2006

Hi again,
I take your point, but think that everyone on this forum would have seen this, or I`d like to think they would have, and not downloaded the programme.
Your post highlights the necessity to read before you download.

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