Maxtor OneTouch drive not recognised

  PeterPaul 23:05 25 Apr 2005

After reconnecting my Maxtor OneTouch drive, it is not recognised by My Computer or by the Maxtor OneTouch software.

I have reinstalled the drive with the latest online OneTouch software - everything shows as OK, including in Device Manager and XP plug and play, but the drive is not there in My Computer

The Maxtor knowledge base hasn't helped.

Any help appreciated.

  Eastender 23:26 25 Apr 2005

You say "reconnecting" so it has been working has it? and doesn't need formating?

  PeterPaul 10:11 26 Apr 2005

Yes, it was working fine. However, I think that a deletion of files before the disconnection/reconnection may have gone wrong.

I've tried disk management, but again the drive is not recognised, in spite of showing OK in device manager.

  belt&braces 10:58 26 Apr 2005

Hi PeterPaul

try this it may help.

In order for a drive to be visible in My Computer it must be partitioned.

In Windows 2000 or XP you may use the Disk Management Utility to partition the drive.
Accessing Disk Management and partitioning the drive:
Right-click on "My Computer".
Select "Manage"
In the new window, Computer Management, select "Disk Management" in the left-hand panel.

Note: If you are using XP and you do not see the "My Computer" icon on the desktop you may find it under the Start Menu. Right-click "My Computer" under the Start Menu and follow the steps mentioned above.

A new wizard may appear, "Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard". This wizard appears when the disk is not initialized. In order for Windows to create a partition the drive must be initialized (XP) or "Write a Signature" (2000). If the drive is not going to be setup in a RAID environment do not convert the drive to Dynamic.

After completing the "Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard" the drive needs to be partitioned. The initialized drive will display the available "Unallocated" space. To partition the drive Right-click on the "Unallocated" region and select either "New Partition or Create Partition".

Good luck

  PeterPaul 13:53 26 Apr 2005

Thanks, belt&braces.

The problem is that the drive is not visible to My Computer, Disk Management or the OneTouch software. It is only recognised by Device Manager.

I am familiar with the procedure in disk Management and have tried this route.

On several tries at reinstallation, Windows recognises a new device on startup and then says it is working correctly - but it just ain't there to access.

The drive is lit up (blue OneTouch button), but doesn't respond.

I have tried accessing from PC-Dos (using an NTFS start-up disk, but the drive is still not visible.

  Modo 14:13 26 Apr 2005

Have you checked the Drivers in Device Manager.

I recall I had this problem when I reformatted a disk. I had forgotten to reinstall the drivers for the disk.

Worth uninistalling the drivers from device manager, rebooting and reinstalling even if they are shown.

  PeterPaul 14:51 26 Apr 2005

Thanks, Modo.

Yes, I've done that several time - still no luck.

I can only conclude that the drive is damaged, but why Windows and Device Manager say it is OK puzzles me.

I tried Sisoft Sandra diagnostic software, but again, the drive is not recognised.

It is out of guarantee, and at present prices, a repair wouldn't make sense.

I have no problem of data recovery, since I wiped data before the problem started, indeed this dletion may be what caused the problem.

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