Maxtor One Touch not found by XP

  AlanHo 10:28 11 Jun 2005

I have a 120 Gb USB Maxtor One Touch external hard drive connected to my Windows XP Home desktop for back-up purposes.

It works beatifully when Windows finds it - but boot up is imconsistent. 50% of the time at computer boot up the drive is not shown in Explorer and I have to unplug and replug it to make it visible and accessible to my back-up programme or Explorer.

I have downloaded and installed the latest Maxtor driver but the problem remains. I have also tried different USB sockets on the computer to no avail.

Anyone with any ideas on how to cure this ?

  Dorsai 11:37 11 Jun 2005

I would assume the external drive is externally powered?

Do you turn the pc on, wait for it to boot, and once it's finished loading XP turn the drive on?

If you turn the drive on first, or at the same time as the pc, try letting windows finish loading before turning the drive on?

  TomJerry 12:57 11 Jun 2005

switch on PC first

when PC run properly, switch on external HDD

your problem is common for all external USB device

second solution, only switch on PC when HDD is up and running properly

  AlanHo 20:19 11 Jun 2005

If I boot the computer with the Maxtor drive switched off - then switch the drive on once Windows is fully booted - the hard drive is not ever found. Even when I unplug and replug it several times it will remain invisible.

The only circumstance when Windows recognises it is when I first power up the external hard drive and then boot up the computer. Half the time the external hard drive is recognised - the other half only after switching the hard drive off and back on again.

  Dorsai 20:35 11 Jun 2005

Quote AlanHo:

The only circumstance when Windows recognises it is when I first power up the external hard drive and then boot up the computer

End quote.

Then you already know the solution to your problem. Power up your External drive. Then power up the PC.

  AlanHo 21:05 11 Jun 2005

Quote Dorsai

Then you already know the solution to your problem....


If you read my posting again you will see that I only know the solution half the time - the computer is inconsistent - sometimes it finds the drive on booting and sometimes not. If it fails to find the drive on boot up I sometimes have to switch the drive on and off several times before it is recognised.

I do not deny that I can eventually get it working - but it is an unecessary frustration and I have been known to forget. What then happens is when I close down the computer my back-up programme (which is part of the close down sequence) fails to find the drive. It is then only the next day that I find that the back-up failed.

  Modo 08:23 12 Jun 2005

Is it showing up in Device Manager under hardware in System under Control Panel?

Are you running it on USB2 or Firewire? I'd check both of those if not.

You may need a driver update for your port. I've had inconsitencies on Non NEC chipped connections with a Maxtor drive but not as bad as you describe.

  AlanHo 08:40 12 Jun 2005

When the drive is not found by Windows - it is not shown in device manager. Switching it off and on until it appears in Explorer is accompanied by its appearance in device manager.

I have re-installed XP and the Maxtor driver but the problem remains.

The drive is connected to the first USB2 socket on the motherboard. The second USB socket feeds a 4 port USB2hub from which other accessories are connected.

One thing I perhaps should mention is that sometimes when I switch it off and on I get an error message in a balloon from the task bar stating that windows has found an unknown USB device.

  freaky 12:13 12 Jun 2005

I have a Maxtor One Touch external USB2 drive and fortunately it works OK. One suggestion that may help is that you state you downloaded a driver from Maxtor, this could possibly be the cause. Windows XP incorporates support for External Hard Drives, you might have a conflict between the native XP driver and the Maxtor driver. 50% of the time the Drive uses the correct driver!

Maxtor have an excellent help service via email, I suggest you contact them for help.

  Mcfearty 14:53 12 Jun 2005

Why not try posting here, click here but don't expect as speedy a response as you get when posting here. I waited four days for an answer to a post.

  AlanHo 15:58 12 Jun 2005

I have tried uninstalling the Maxtor driver and letting Windows find the drive on boot up - both with the drive aleady running and with switching it on after boot up - but Windows does not find any new hardware added and therefore does not install a driver.

Maxtor Email help service here I come.

Many thanks to those above who tried to help.

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