Maxtor one touch Installation problems

  bristolgirl 09:17 16 Feb 2005

Hope someone can help as I am very baffled!

I have purchased a Maxtor one touch for my PC (windows XP) and have been following the instructions to install it.

The instructions tell me to format the drive with NTFS. I've followed the instrctions to do this, under Disk Management but afer getting to 100%, it says that the formatting was unsuccessful.

I'm not sure what to do next. I have been in contact with Maxtor, who have given a very confusing reply :-
1. Remove all existing partitions from the drive.
2. Re-partition the drive but do not use the full disk space, leave approx. 100-200MB unpartitioned.
3. Format the drive.

But I do not understand this. Hope someone can help?

Many thanks

  MichelleC 09:59 16 Feb 2005

Make a 98 floppy boot disc from here click here Go into bios (it will show on bootup which key to press to enter setup) and under Advanced Settings (I think) change boot order to boot from floppy, exit and save settings. (Use Esc, Enter and page up/down to navigate). Follow these instructions to fdisk, delete partitions and format click here

  bristolgirl 10:12 16 Feb 2005

Thank you Michelle for your' prompt reply but I think I need things much more simplified for me than this.

I don't know why, when I have followed the instrctions given be Maxtor's manual, it came up with the error message.

Do I really have to start partitioning the disk etc? Seems to be very complicated for something that is brand new and not what I was expecting to have to do.

  pk470 10:25 16 Feb 2005

Sorry it could be me why would it tell you to format in NTFS when W2000 AND WXP would do this for you.
You just put the new drive in if you want to partition it then the floppy that came with the drive will allow you todo this unless of coarse it was OEM.

  bristolgirl 10:41 16 Feb 2005

I was following the instructions in the manual and don't really understand what NTFS is etc. Do you mean that I don't need to do this and I can use the One Touch without having to do any formatting?

I didn't have a floppy that came with it, so am a bit confused by this. (Mind you it doesn't take much nowadays). Do I need to partition the One Touch External Hard Drive?

Can I also ask what is OEM?


  961 11:24 16 Feb 2005

This drive usually comes with two cd's, one of which is merely a copy of the included handbook and the other is the software installation cd

I suggest you uninstall the software and start again. It is important to install the software before you connect the drive to the computer

  961 11:29 16 Feb 2005

I should perhaps add that these drives usually come ready formatted as FAT32 and do not need to be formatted as NTFS although I know the handbook says you should consider this

There really is no need to do anything in this regard and the drive will work perfectly well if you merely follow the instructions to install the one touch software

  bristolgirl 11:32 16 Feb 2005

Thank you 961, I will give this a go!!

  brigger 01:00 27 Feb 2005

Did this get resolved? If not maybe the failed format left it unformatted, and the answer might be to format as FAT32. I could be wrong as I'm not an expert, in fact I've just posted a question about Maxtor One Touch.

Searching Google for:

Format Fat32 how

brings up plenty, about the 10th on my search is 'Using the XP Installation CD to Format Drives'

Maybe someone more expert can say if that's a good way to format Fat32, and if it's worth trying in this case (if it hasn't been solved).

  bristolgirl 11:26 27 Feb 2005

No, it didn't work unfortuantly. Maxtor took a week to reply each time I queried it. Eventually I took it back to PC World and they managed to format it. (don't ask me how?)

I think I have completed a backup now but still had some funny error messages.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it has worked.

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