Maxtor One-Touch external drives

  Southernboy 13:50 16 Jan 2006

I wish to uninstall the Retrospect Backup software which just doesn't seem to be compatible with my PC.

However, the manual states that installation of the drive should include the Retrospect software.

Does anyone know if the HD will work without it?

  shizzy 22:09 16 Jan 2006

If I don't install my Iomega software the drive just shows up as another drive letter in My Computer. But remember to double click on the mass storage device icon in the system tray before pulling the plug to remove it without losing data.

  craig367 12:44 17 Jan 2006

Maxtor one-touch 2 300Gb external drive. I don't have the retrospect software installed & it works fine with me just dragging & dropping to copy stuff onto it. I just selected drivers only on the cd menu screen, loaded them & away I went. No probs at all.

  iscanut 14:01 17 Jan 2006

My situation same as craig367. I use Maxtor one touch without the retrospect software and works fine.

  HondaMan 14:29 17 Jan 2006

I have 2 300Gb dives on my network for backup storage. They only work at the speed of my (temporary) NIC but the principle is sound. Just drag-n-drop the files.

  Southernboy 23:07 18 Jan 2006

I installed all the software when I transferred the Maxtor to me new PC, but the Retrospect Backup software keeps causing problems in that, when I come to backup, it deletes all the entries for that day from the C drive. Never had this problem with my previous PC and have been unable to discover why it does this.

Fortunately, the Retrospect software is listed separately in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, so it looks as though I should be able to remove it with affect the drivers for the HD.

Surely, the double-click suggested by Shizzy is not necessary?

  wee eddie 16:07 19 Jan 2006

When removing an External Drive, it is probably better to:

Either: Turn the PC Off, then unplug and remove the Drive.

Or: Use the "Safely Remove Hardware" button on the bottom right of your Task Bar.

Just unplugging it from the mains, or taking out the USB Plug, puts you at a very high risk of corrupting/loosing information on the drive

  iscanut 18:17 19 Jan 2006

Removing Retrospect program will not affect the drive. As it is a USB device, there are no dedicated drivers for it,. It runs from the already installed USB drivers in windows.

  Southernboy 14:55 20 Jan 2006

1. The Maxtor DOES have its own software, as indeed, do Iomega Zip drives. Neither can run without this software (which presumably includes dedicated drivers) according to the manuals.

2. I Have no plans to remove the Maxtor drive, only the backup software. I wish to use it as a bog-standard external USB2.0 HD.

3. I am trying to establish if I can use these external drives without the dedicated backup software.

  Southernboy 15:02 20 Jan 2006

In the case of the Maxtor, you install the basic software, attach the drive and then install the backup software. It expects the user to do all this, presumably because the unit is sold as a package including backup. I simply want to know, having done all this, if I can remove just the backup software.

In the case of Zip drives, you get a disc with the basic software, which you load and then attach the drive. The backup software is also on the drive, but appears to be optional, although I don't know if the drive will operate without it.

The problems I had with my new PC appear to centre around these two external drives, even though they both claim to work with XP. I am wondering if I can use them if I dump the backup software and use them as basic USB2.0 drives.

  shizzy 21:49 21 Jan 2006

Uninstall everything and just plug it in but remove it safely. As FE explained about the pen drives they all work with XP without having to bother with drivers. Put a restore point in first if you are worried.

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