Maxtor "One Touch" 120Gb USB 2 Hard Drive

  Southernboy 23:20 11 Jan 2005

I bought this a few months ago on the recommendation of someone in this forum.

Despite my difficulties with the Retrospect software, it appears to work well, and quite quickly, given that my PC only has USB1.1.

However, there are a couple of things that make me a little nervous. The first is that there are times when the drive is powered down and yet emits quite a loud buzzing noise (and the vibrations can be felt in both the keyboard and my desk), although most of the time it is fairly quiet. There seems to be no reason why it should suddenly become noisy when powered down - I do not recall it making this noise when it is actually backing up.

Secondly, I still use floppy discs for backing up small files. I notice that, when doing so, the Maxtor powers up, even though I have not taken action to do this.

Any thoughts from Maxtor owners, please?

  ZZET 00:28 12 Jan 2005

i think i would be just a little worried about strange noises.check it out

  Southernboy 16:08 12 Jan 2005

do I check it out, please?

  plsndrs3 16:25 12 Jan 2005

Vibrations when powering down - are these caused by writing to the disc to save any changed settings in windows or to other files?

Spinning whilst writing to floppy - could be either running the DOS program on the drive to copy to disk or be reading from the drive or program to work out what to move to the floppy?

Having said this, I have NEVER known a hard drive make enough vibration to be seriously felt through a desk [assume the keyboard is on the desk & that is why that also vibrates]. I would contact Maxtor if for no other reason than to feel more comfortable!

click here

Maxtor are well known for their excellent customer support!



  Southernboy 17:34 12 Jan 2005

The Maxtor powers up when the PC is switched on and is set to power down after no activity for 5 minutes. As I only use it at the end of the day's session to back up files I have changed, I would not expect any activity until I actually press the one-touch button. It doesn't vibrate when powering down - the noise and vibration seems to start after the drive has been powered down for some time. The keyboard is on the desk and I can feel a gentle vibration in both while the Maxtor is emitting the noticable humming/whining noise.

The guy who recommended this drive, reassured me about the heat generated by the drive during lengthy backups, and I wondered if this was yet another feature of this drive, hence my seeking advice from other Maxtor users. I am a worrier!

I do not use the Maxtor in connection with any other device or software. However, when I use the built-in "backup to floppy disc" option that comes with Microsoft Money, it powers up the Maxtor, although (after a few minutes) the floppy disc drive kicks in and backs up the file. The Maxtor then remains powered-up for a few minutes. I don't understand the comment as the Maxtor should not be involved with backing up files from the hard drive to the floppy disc.

Further, I also have a 750Mb external Zip Drive and I find that activating this to backup, also powers up the Maxtor, and using the Maxtor, powers up the Zip drive. They power up, but do not do anything else. Given that all three drives (Floppy, Zip and Maxtor) all use totally different backup software, why should they they trigger each other off? The floppy is internal, the Maxtor and Zip use separate USB connections, albeit side by side.

Any advice woill be gratefully received.

  Southernboy 13:38 14 Jan 2005


  Graham ® 13:55 14 Jan 2005

If the Zip and the Maxtor are on USB ports 'side by side', chances are they are on the same Root Hub. Check in Device Manager, especially for Power properties. You may need to split them up even if they are both self-powered.

  Graham ® 14:06 14 Jan 2005

There may also be driver conflicts, again, Device Manager.

Found this on the Maxtor site on how to update drivers. Note it recommends unplugging other devices whilst updating:

click here

  Southernboy 21:09 14 Jan 2005

I hear what you say. I have only 2 USB ports, so the Zip and Maxtor are next to each other. This does not explain why the internal floppy drive is also affected, as that is nowhere near the USB ports. My PC is not connected to the internet - I use a third party PC for internet access, so downloading is not an option open to me.

To add to my troubles, my PC failed today. I think it is the battery as I noticed the clock was four hours slow when I switched on (no such problem yesterday), and as it is well over six years old, I really do not know what to do next. The PC now continually freezes and as I have no technical knowledge, I may be faced with buying a new one.

This means all new software as it ranges between 1997 and 2000, none of which is XP compliant. I think this kicks my query into touch for the moment, until I have a working PC again.

  Southernboy 07:47 19 Jan 2005

giving me, hopefully, a window of opportunity to sort out thse problems.

Viz the noise I mentioned. When it happened again yesterday, it was much louder, rather like a motor bike! I then discovered (to my suprise) that the noise was not coming from the Maxtor drive, but from the keyboard!

If I move, or press the sides of the keyboard, the noise either stops or is reduced. If I let go, it builds up again.

Why should a keyboard make this noise? Does anyone have any idea?

  Southernboy 17:49 21 Feb 2005


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