maxtor maxblast 48-bit lba support. does it work?

  Jamesy 11:11 18 May 2004

I've heard maxtor maxblast software allows their drives over 137gig to be able to have their full amount accessed by windows.

Anyone have one of these drives, and can confirm this?

I've had a nightmare before bypassing this 48bit lba issue and I want to confirm that this software maxtor supplies with their drives actually gets round this issue before I purchase.

  SANTOS7 11:14 18 May 2004

click here might find info your looking for here, good luck

  byfordr 11:22 18 May 2004

Set up a 200gb in the following way...

1) Install Operating system (Drive will show as significantly lower disk space than it actually is) 2) Install service pack1 3) Enable big drive over 137gb (In this case running maxtors software from their website - big drive enabler) 4) Install Partition magic (version 8 or above for xp) 5) Resize the drive using pm8 (There should be a massive unformatted, unpartitioned space) 6) Format drive either PM or using windows. 7) Attempt to fill such a massive capacity drive

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