Maxtor HD noise

  jbp1982 10:02 04 Mar 2005

HD makes loud noise when the computer is switched on. And still remains noisy thru out usage, a horrible drone. Really Really irritating too! It's a maxtor 6Y160P0 from what it says on the properties section.

I ran Powermax from boot up, ran check for errors/bad sectors and so on from tools in windows. Everything was fault free!

Are they just generally noisy? Or have I got one that likes to squeal and shout like my 1 & 2 year old kids, and needs thrown out?

  Stuartli 10:11 04 Mar 2005

On the rare occasion I've had a noisy HDD it's been an indication that it's on its way out.

Best backup everything asap to be on the safe side. HDDs are not fond of bumps, knocks etc and can breathe their last at the most inconvenient time.

Hopefully the scenario is not as bad as painted, but it could save a lot of hassle if the drive is on its last legs.

  Gongoozler 10:28 04 Mar 2005

Modern hard drives should be virtually noisless. Are you sure that the noise is from the hard drive? It is much more common for the processor heatsing fan to get noisy. Take the cover off the computer, roll a sheet of A4 paper into a tube about 30cm long and 2.5cm diameter. Put one end to your ear and use the other end to see if you can pinpoint the noise source. If the hard drive really is that noisy, then Maxtor warranty return policy is very good click here.

  jbp1982 10:46 04 Mar 2005

All I can tell at the moment is that its from the front of the machine, the hard disk is tucked under the cd drive bays, so I was guessing at that, will try the cardboard tube thing to hear where the sound is later.

The machine is only two and a half months old but the shop is miles away.

As for the HS & fan its a 3d rocket cooler se gigabyte. Runs at 3000+ rpm, could it be that thing speeding up? The case is a Lian Li aluminium one too.

  peter4076 10:49 04 Mar 2005

You could try this it worked for me.

1. You need 2 x blank floppy disks.
2. Download POWERMAX from Maxtor website
click here
3. Run the POWERMAX self-extraction - it will save itself to one of the blank floppies that you have. No need to have it formatted, it will overwrite the whole disk.
4. Download WVSET from Maxtor website
click here
5. Download AMSET from Maxtor website
click here
6. Format the other floppy disk with system files on it.
7. Run the WVSET and AMSET self-extracting files and have them save to the floppy disk.
8. Turn off PC, disconnect existing HDDs, and connect the Maxtor.
9. Turn on PC, with Powermax floppy disk in drive.
10. Powermax will start, run Initialization check on it to confirm that it is installed correct.
11. Restart PC, boot from other floppy disk.
12. Run WVSET /OFF to turn off write verify.
13. Run AMSET /QUIET to turn on quiet mode.
14. Switch off and disconnect HDD, reconnect old HDDs.
15. Check that the CSS jumper is set on the drive.

No 12 & 13!! you can read up on no12, but number 13 does work, because I have your HDD sitting in a caddy right beside me and all you can hear is a faint hum.
Hope this helps.

  jbp1982 14:57 04 Mar 2005

Opened up the pc, had a look round, this is first I opened it since I got extra RAM and a PVR/FM card installed. There was some white connector hanging off some bound up wire. It was tight against the rocket fan, I moved it away, pushed it behind some other wires and the noise has been reduced, still audible but it sounds ok.....whirring.

Turns out to be the Gigabyte 3D rocket se HS & fan, any recommendations on replacing it? For something more quiet.

  Gongoozler 15:35 04 Mar 2005

If you want a quiet heatsink, then something with a large diameter temperature controlled fan will be quietest. I'm using one like this, click here, but there are others that work on the same principle such as click here

  jbp1982 16:02 04 Mar 2005

would it be more effective, I don't do much anyway? seems a reasonable price too.

I paid twenty quid for the gigabyte 3d rocket, never knew what I was buying tho.

Many thanks for all your advice and opinions, appreciated it.

  Gongoozler 18:07 04 Mar 2005

I'm using mine on a 1.6G Duron and it's very quiet. I can't comment on how it would perform on a more powerful processor. The customer reviews on Ebuyer are quite a good guide. Ebuyer are honest enough to print negative reviews as well as the positive ones. I know that because I have written a few and they have always been published.

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