Maxtor HD instalation Question

  Ghloria 21:18 11 Feb 2003

My first time at anything like this..

I have received my new Maxtor HD for instalation as a second drive in my system, it came as drive only so I have been on the Maxtor site to get fitting instructions and the instalation utility "MaxBlast Plus II" , but the info on the maxblast page does not mention Windows 98 as being a Compatible Operating System.. What do I do now?

  Djohn 21:28 11 Feb 2003

No problem at all with that, someone will soon give you full instructions on how to fit as slave and format. Regards. J.

  BRYNIT 21:38 11 Feb 2003

This might help click here

  jazzypop 21:47 11 Feb 2003

I would be surprised if you needed to use the MaxBlast software.

Just follow the fitting instructions carefully, start your PC, and enter the BIOS. Set the BIOS to auto-detect your drive, save all settings, and exit. Your PC will reboot.

The chances are in the high 90's that your new drive will work just fine as it is.

If for any reason it doesn't, you can always run the MaxBlast software then .

  cream. 21:51 11 Feb 2003

Hi Ghloria. Congrats on getting a maxtor, I don't think you will regret it.

Just one small point, I am sure you are aware of, that is they usually sell the drives with the jumper set for master. Just make sure you set it for slave before you fit it.

Hope all goes well.

  Ghloria 22:12 11 Feb 2003

When I have physicaly installed the drive but before I have the computor recognising it can I access the system and web or do I have to note down all the info I need first.

  cream. 22:22 11 Feb 2003

Ghloria. When you have physically installed the drive, if things have gone correctly, your computer should see it straight away.

This will not affect you booting up to windows or accessing the web.

It will only be usable when you have formatted it.

If you are concerned that you will not be able to use the computer as normal, don't.

If the absolute worst happens and the computer will not boot, this will not happen. All you have to do is pull the IDE ribbon cable out of the new slave drive and you will be back to where you are now.

I know it is a daunting task, but those of us who have done this many-many times do it without blinking.

Once you have done it and found how easy it is, you will scoff at your concerns.

If I am off tangent, then I apologize.

  Ghloria 22:25 11 Feb 2003

I thought I needed to use the maxtor software so that my old system (over 5 years old) would recognise the 40 gig.

  Ghloria 22:32 11 Feb 2003

Your spot on..

  cream. 22:35 11 Feb 2003

You may have to, but first just plug it in and switch on.

As soon as it starts to read the page were it checks your ram. You will be looking for the entry for primary slave. You can freeze the page by pressing the pause\break key. To restart the page press enter.

If it detects it then let windows load. If it does not then post back on how to get your bios to recognize it.

  Ghloria 22:42 11 Feb 2003

Thank you all.. I think I have all I want to know,so byby for now as I go for it.I'll report back to update those who would like to know.

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