Maxtor HD Error codes?

  Jakey boy 09:48 06 Mar 2005

Okay guys, here's a problem I need help with. My Maxtor 40gb slave drive developed a "SMART" warning a few days ago, telling me that a failure was imminent, and that I should back up my data, and replace the drive. I backed-up my data, removed the drive, replaced it (with a Seagate) and tried it in another system. It still comes up with the alert in the second system, but after running Maxtor's "PowerMax" utility, there appears to be no errors? The drive passes all tests!? My problem is that the drive is still under warranty, but according to Maxtor's site, I need an error code before I can get an RMA number to replace the drive? I cannot get an RMA number because the drive passes all the Maxtor tests,(ergo no error code) yet it still boots up to a warning screen. Maxtor say, (on their site) that if the drive still reports a smart warning after various repair attempts etc, that it should be replaced, but I still have no idea how to get an RMA number without an error code?? Any advice/help anyone?

  Jakey boy 09:53 06 Mar 2005


  Jakey boy 10:53 06 Mar 2005


  Bandy 11:06 06 Mar 2005

The devil and the deep blue sea seem to spring to mind

Just out of interest have you tried testing the Maxtor drive with PowerMax in the original machine. or have I misread your post, although I don't see why the results should be different. Another thought is have you tried scandisk on a thorough check to see if there are any bad sectors showing up

The only other thought is that the Snart system is showing that the drive could be starting to have problems that don't yet show up as a failure - certainly that has happened to me in the past, although in my case the problems did get worse with time.

  Rtus 11:11 06 Mar 2005

I have in the past had drives that reported a smart failure warning.these like yours didnt report any errors in maxtors diagnostic utility . As youve already replaced the drive , use the maxtor util & low level format & re format for use again .I think youll be able to use Ok from that point on.

  Jakey boy 11:12 06 Mar 2005

Yep, I did try the PowerMax software in the original machine, and I also ran XP's version of "Scandisk" on the original and second machines. I also defragged the drive on both machines! In short, I think I did everything possible to rectify the problem, but still no joy. I think you may be right about the drive being on it's way to failing, but if so, I bet it won't fail until after the warranty period is up in August!

  Jakey boy 11:14 06 Mar 2005

I did the low level format in PowerMax, and reformatted for use again. I am using it on the second machine at the moment, but still get the smart warning on every boot-up!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:39 06 Mar 2005

Smart reports when disk errors reach a certain level.

Disk errors are not always down to a failing disk but write errors caused by sofware / conflicts.

Back up and do a full format and your drive will probably be OK.

  Jakey boy 11:45 06 Mar 2005

Thanks for that, but I've done it, and it still doesn't stop the smart warning on boot-up! The disk seems to be working okay, but I would still prefer to be "warning-free"!

  Jakey boy 12:06 06 Mar 2005

Any other suggestions anyone?

  Jakey boy 12:09 06 Mar 2005

bump ^

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