Maxtor External One Touch Hdd Deleting Files

  AFoxyLady 18:09 01 Sep 2007

I have maxtor one touch external hard drive. I have not used it for some time and now want to delete the files on it- and back up again.

My question is...

Are there any operating system files on it that I have to leave - How is it best to delete the existig files on it?

  Sparkly 18:21 01 Sep 2007

AFoxyLady hi if its an external drive there should only be files on it that you have placed there as a backup or if you have had it passed on to you by someone else if they had any system files saved on it it will make know difference to your pc you can delete or format as nessacary so you can delete/add files as and when you wish.

  Diemmess 18:24 01 Sep 2007

If it is an external (USB connected) drive, there is nothing hidden on there.
Only data and any other things you may have stored there.

You can sweep it clean with the format option, but do make sure you are formatting the Ext.HD !!

  Diemmess 18:33 01 Sep 2007

Just another thought, a safe quick way to clean the drive.

Open it in my computer.
Look at the list of files/folders present and see if you can remember what they all are.

If you really want to delete the lot, then
FILE > DELETE .... Prompt "Are you sure"?
Click OK..... job done!

  AFoxyLady 18:53 01 Sep 2007

Great Info - many thanks. I have some files on it that I recognise, and others that I know were my sons! So I can go ahead and delete them all - and start afresh.

Cheers to everyone - thanks for your prompt and helpful replies. Foxy

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