Maxtor External HD problem reading data

  Tiggy2 12:34 09 Jan 2005

Last year, I bought a 300Gb Ext. HD. Installed, no problems, copied loads of digital video onto it. Just before christmas, my PC developed a hardware fault. I was able to keep it going long anough to recover some important data from the PC, but windows XP was unstable and the PC re-booted on spontaneously a few times.

I now have the PC back with a new HD & CD-R/RW drive. Installed Maxtor again. The PC seems slower to recognise the drive than before (connected via firewire port) but, most crucially, when I ask to explore the drive I get a message asking if I want to re-format. The PC is reporting that the 300Gb is there, but is not recognising any data. The same happens on my laptop.

Can I recover the data? Should I reformat, and if I do should this solve the problem?

Looking forward to some suggestions from all you wonderful people out there .....

  Totally-braindead 13:42 09 Jan 2005

I would try installing it again in case there was aproblem with the installation, are you sure the firewire is working ok?

  AndySD 13:46 09 Jan 2005

Try Right clicking on My Computer and choose Manage then Disk Manager is the drive there and is there any message on it.

  Rob101 09:44 11 Jan 2005

I believe there is a problem with one touch 11 drives connected on 1394 using XP SP2. Did your changes involve an upgrade to SP2. Also I think it only applies to 1394 connection so you could try your USB. There is a patch from Microsoft but I haven't yet been able to locate it. Any help on locating the patch welcomed.

  Tiggy2 20:37 11 Jan 2005

Many thanks for the reponses I have received so far. I haven't had time to play with the drive since posting my problem. the only thing I have been able to do is confirm that the firewire port is OK, and I can confirm that I have the SP2 pack installed on this PC and my laptop. I have heard about the patch, but I can't find it either! I will feedback again at the weekend, when I will have some time to tackle the problem again. Many thanks for the responses so far, though.

  Rob101 23:15 11 Jan 2005

I've obtained the patch from Microsoft support (UK) and tried to install it but with no success on reading the HDD so far. I'm suspicious of the patch installation as it came with a password which wasn't required for the installation.
I'll keep you posted.

  Tiggy2 19:30 16 Jan 2005

OK, I know it's not the firewire port. There is no message when I go to 'disk manager'. DM reports that the drive is 'basic, nothing listed under 'file system', healthy'. It also reports 100% free space. However, when I ask to 'explore' or 'open' the drive, I get a message saying that the drive is not formatted, and do I want to formate it now? Would a data recovery programme help here? I don't really want to lose about 80Gb of .avi files; and if I do format the drive, will this work or are there any other issues I should be aware of? Also, I have made sure that the firewall element of the SP2 pack is not blocking the firewire port.
What now? Any more suggestions? Thanks!

  freaky 19:52 16 Jan 2005

I have got a Maxtor One-Touch External Hard Drive connected to USB2 Port, and had no problems with it after I installed SP2.

I have two suggestions: -

(a) Plug the drive into a USB2 port and see if it works then.

(b) Check Maxtor Support and see if there is an updated driver for SP2 using Firewire.

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