Maxtor External Hard Drive doesnt work

  Deniset 13:51 29 Mar 2007

I am trying to get the Maxtor external hard drive to work.
I have reinstalled it and followed all the instructions on the screen. When I click the icon it takes to me to the main menu, I click set up and am taken to another screen which tells me to select a drive - but there is no where to type in the information and nothing happens.

I want to back up all the information on my computer.

Any ideas - please I am a rank beginner in these external hard drive things so really simple langugage for a silver surfer
Many thanks

  Technotiger 14:06 29 Mar 2007

Hi, what is the Model number of your drive? I assume it is a USB drive - is your computer USB2 compatible, because I suspect the drive is USB2, which I don't think is backward compatible to USB1.

To find out if your pc is USB2 compatible ... Right-click on My Computer and then Left-click on Properties, then on Hardware then on Device Manager, then Left-click on the + beside Universal Serial Bus controllers - if you then see the word Enhanced anywhere within that section, then your PC is USB2 compatible. You can then just close all the small windows that you just opened.

That will give us somewhere to start, to try to help you.

  anskyber 14:06 29 Mar 2007

When the drive is plugged in and switched on does your PC recognise it? By that I mean if you go into "My Computer" is the new drive there? If it is it will probably already have a drive letter assigned by XP.

  Deniset 18:17 29 Mar 2007

No I dont see enhanced on the USB serial bus controllers

  Diemmess 18:22 29 Mar 2007

As I understand your concern:

1) You have an external (USB) drive and want to use it for backup?

2) The Maxtor HD is inside a case with power supply and USB cable?

3) You can't find the external Hard Disk when the computer is running and the external HD too?

If you can answer these three questions, it would help people offer useful advice.

You say you want to "back up all information on My Computer".
That if you will forgive me is not reasonable or even possible in one go, because My Computer is all of it, everything, down to and including your External HD!

Have a look at My Computer. You will probably see a series of icons labelled and including Local drive C:, DVD-RW Drive D:, and Local DriveE: (Your ext. HD)

The letters may be different but the point about backup is that you can choose one drive at a time, or some of its contents and depending on what you are doing and what (if anything) is already on that external Maxtor the choice is yours.

Please have a look in My Computer for your, and tell us what you can see, then we can take it from there.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:26 29 Mar 2007

Right click My computer - select Manage - Storage - disk management.

Can you see the HDD listed in disk management?

If so right click on the drive - select Initialise and then format.

  Technotiger 18:54 29 Mar 2007

What Operating System is on your PC? i.e. Windows XP, or Win ME or Win '98 or any other? The instructions with your drive should give you all the details about the drive and whether it is USB1.1 compatible (as you do not have USB2 capabilities on your PC). Also, so that we can help more readily, what is the Model Number of your drive? If the drive is not USB1.1 compatible, it is easy to add USB2 capabilities to your PC by the addition of a USB2 PCI card with up to 4 USB2 Ports on it - you could then use any USB2 peripheral at any time in the future.

Afraid I must disagree with Diemmess - it certainly is possible to backup your entire computer System/Programs/Settings in fact everything, in one go to an external hard-drive.
Acronis True Image is the software that makes this possible - as very many of this Forums' members already know and use, including myself.

It has taken me a while to type this, so I hope I don't get any nasty surprises when I click on Post Response - things might have 'moved on' by now ...

  Diemmess 19:36 29 Mar 2007

"My Computer is all of it, everything, down to and including your External HD!"

We don't disagree. We simply don't copy My Computer as it is .... We can and do copy quite large chunks of its contents.

  Technotiger 19:43 29 Mar 2007

Sorry if I misunderstood - my ATI image includes the entire contents of my main C: drive, plus the entire contents of one of my external usb drives which contains mostly games. The image is saved on another external usb drive.

  Technotiger 19:47 29 Mar 2007

Anyway, we digress, Deniset, how are you getting on my Friend? Can you expand any further on my questions posted at 18.54 above?

  bretsky 21:38 29 Mar 2007

When you say you have installed it what do you mean? I have a Maxtor one Touch III external HDD which I use on a firefire port,(also has USB2) but you need the software to be installed first so your PC will recognize the drive, mine came with Maxtor One Touch manager which includes many options like settings and security etc etc also included in the package is Retrospect Express HD 1.1 which is a back up utility should you need to do back ups.

When I switch on the Maxtor I wait about 15 seconds then plug the firewire cable into the back of the unit and I get a warning sound with the Maxtor One Touch manager software prompting me for my password, that entered I then click the Maxtor Icon(J)in my short cuts in the task bar and presto, the drive opens up in a windows explorer style pane with all my folders, back ups and anything else that's on the drive.

Windows XP Home Ed 2001, Dell Dimension 4300

bretsky ;0)

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