Maxtor external drive knackered.

  Ikelos 22:13 15 Oct 2006

hi, does it really cost the earth to retrieve data from a HDD, mine started to make a grating noise yesterday and today it will read nothing, just keeps making a clicking noise, with a message on screen about an I/O fault..i used it for back-up, but in my case once i backed up what i wanted i deleted the original. is there anyway out...better half is on my case, all the holiday photographs were on it...


  Totally-braindead 22:19 15 Oct 2006

If you can get inside the case it might be worth checking the connections and trying another lead just in case. The companies that specialise in it tend to be pricey it depends what its worth.

The IT engineer where I work had me send one away the other week, I'll ask him tommorrow for the address and cost etc and email you tommorrow with the details.

  Ikelos 22:23 15 Oct 2006

thanks for that..because it had no "off" switch, it has been running since i got it, a mistake looking back on it, but i must have been on for at least 2 years...I will try the connections, thanks again..

  Totally-braindead 14:20 16 Oct 2006

I'm afraid the IT guy took an extra day off, I'll speak to him tommorrow and see what he says so it'll be a bit delayed. Having said that when I mentioned to someone in the office about it he told me the drive that had been sent away they had been unable to retrieve the data anyway. I'll ask why tommorrow.

  Ikelos 09:06 17 Oct 2006

thanks for the help, It does not sound as if it would be a cheap job.....

  Totally-braindead 15:24 17 Oct 2006

Just spoke to him this morning. As I said they were unable to get the info off the disk as it was seriously damaged. I'm told they charged £75 just to look at it and to retrieve the data costs anything from £100 to £750.
I would imagine thats not on for you.

What he did suggest was going in to your local PC World. Our local one has a brand new machine for hard drives, its actually designed to find info that has been accidently erased he said but it may be able to sort it out. I assume all the shops have this. I did ask him if he knew what they charged and according to him they would look at it for free but he perhaps gets special treatment as he buys so much from them. Regardless its really the only economic option I think. If they can retrieve the data, and that I presume will depend on whats actually wrong with it, you could offer to buy a new external drive from them, they do have some good deals on external drives, and then ask them to copy the data over to the new drive.

Sorry I can't help further but personally I would definately take the drive and go in and ask if they could look at it and what they charge.

  Ikelos 15:49 17 Oct 2006

Thanks for the info, a couple of months ago I gave my son a HDD caddy, just rang him to bring it with him next time he visits, I have just taken the drive from it's casing, thought there might be a chance it could be the electrics in the housing, a sort of clutching straws :-), i think my wife realises her pictures might be gone for good, but we will see.....thanks again. I will post back as we go on...

  Totally-braindead 15:56 17 Oct 2006

Good luck, if it doesn't work then at least go in and ask PC World. Asking costs nothing.

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