Maxtor 200GB Diamondmax 10 patch please

  henza_mapenza 14:47 03 Jan 2005

my computer does not recognise the full capacity of the maxtor hard drive. instead i have installed windows xp clean and it says that the other 6o+GB are used up leaving a free space of exactly 125GB. can anyone give me the link to download a patch to fix this problem please?

  chugby 14:59 03 Jan 2005

try formatting with maxblast and use overlay software. click here
click here*&p_li=

  spanneress 15:50 03 Jan 2005

Use the maxbast3.exe for windows - it is much easier to use than the DOS version if you are not an experienced techie. I use it on many makes of PC's using many makes of HDD and it works just you have any partitions on the 200HDD? That may cause a little hiccup.

  henza_mapenza 17:28 03 Jan 2005

thanks for the maxblast suggestion. I can now use the 200GB hard drive with no worries.

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