Maximum window size with "fuller" button

  squillary 00:44 18 Jun 2005

I've had a strange problem for a while and it's about time I fixed it - but I can't figure out how. I hope you can help.

I set my screen resolution to 1280*960*32bit and, originally, if I maximised a window it would fit the screen.

Some while ago something changed so that when I now maximise a window it only reaches 90% across the screenwidth horizontally, while still filling the screenheight vertically. It starts out right in the boot-process but something goes wrong part-way through.

I'm very likely to have changed something in software to cause this, but for the life of me I can't figure out what.

Software I use and suspect are ATI Hydravision\Catalyst, X-Setup or TweakUI.

Also note: NVidia Soundstorm crashes if I run it with the message "Incorrect size returned during FXMANAGER_ALLOCATE!" Not sure if that's relevant.

Any clues as to where I should start looking would be appreciated - or, if there's any way I could reset to a standard simpler screensize I'd live with that.

If further info is required to answer this question, please advise.

  lotvic 01:08 18 Jun 2005

IMHO it sounds like it could be the monitor
if CRT monitor adjust the buttons ON the monitor itself

if flatscreen could be the aspect ratio ie 1 : 1 adjust buttons on the monitor

Unless anyone else knows diff

  squillary 21:56 18 Jun 2005

I didn't make it clear in my first posting, but even though windows are fully sized to 90% of the screen width, the desktop background correctly covers the whole of the visible screen and icons in the Start bar extend fully over to the right edge of the screen.

Windows that aren't full'd can be dragged over into the unused portion too, but if I click the fuller button on them they snap back to the left and then can no longer be dragged over to the right at all.

It's a wierd one. Has anyone else ever seen anything like this? (I haven't but it's similar to the kind of problems you can get with virtual screens and two monitors).

Btw - the graphics card is a 9500 Radeon and the monitor is a Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 93SB 19" CRT.

  lotvic 23:02 19 Jun 2005

""Also note: NVidia Soundstorm crashes if I run it with the message "Incorrect size returned during FXMANAGER_ALLOCATE!" Not sure if that's relevant.""

Did a google search with the message you get and it would seem that NVidia Soundstorm is causing lots of people many PC problems :(

Can only suggest you google it and see what's happened to other people :(

  squillary 02:51 20 Jun 2005

Ok, problem solved in a very roundabout way. Thanks for forcing me to play around.

I'm going to guess that the Soundstorm problem was related to the two screensizes rather than the cause of the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it didn't ultimately make any difference.

One of those message boards talked about going through desktop properties to correct matters. I switched down a couple of resolutions and found that it was solved at 1152*864. I saved that setting and tried to move back up and the problem magically reappeared. After playing a little more I knocked the colour depth down to 16bit and the problem fixed itself for 1280*960. I saved those settings, then went in again to change back up to 32bit and it took.

All extremely wierd, but I got there in the end somehow and with no particularly good reason behind it ISTM. All very flakey...

Thanks again for letting me bounce off some thoughts off you.

  squillary 01:33 26 Jun 2005

Having been away for a week I returned home and the old problem has magically returned. I'm not surprised. My random fumblings mentioned above have not worked this time.

Still no-one with any ideas for a proper solution?

  squillary 02:46 22 Oct 2005

Catching up on mail and housekeeping earlier, I was reading here while running a-squared, Adaware and Spybot one after the other. While Adaware was running (probably a coincidence because I run it regularly) my whole system froze for a minute or two and when it came back all windows re-sized to the full screen. I have absolutely no idea why.

By coincidence I looked at a site earlier that was offering some wallpapers and my screen res was detected as being at 1130*930. Going back to that page it now detects 1280*930.

Elsewhere on this site there are a couple of threads on lack of replies (and the lack of courtesy associated). If anyone else is like me, I tick the box without ever getting a solution, then discover I have one weeks later with no discernible reason attached.

Computers - just say no...

  squillary 18:31 28 Oct 2005

And back again... B^<

Has no-one else seen anything like this? Or is it really just me?

  squillary 00:25 23 May 2006

I'm back again in my own personal little thread...

While trying to sort out no end of other problems I've currently got I've been fiddling a lot with almost every utility on my machine and I think I may've solved this one at last.

I switched off Norton System Doctor from running at start-up and my windows now resize fully. It may not last, like it hasn't in the past, but it's working for now.

The irony is I quite miss that strip down the right-hand side. I could cascade other windows there.

Never happy...

  ashdav 00:51 23 May 2006

Well I've been following this if no-one else has. Hope you've found the solution this time around.
Perhaps you've got a unique problem that no-one else has encountered.

  squillary 01:07 23 May 2006

Nice to know someone's out there :)

Elsewhere I've talked about a corrupt registry I've got. I've just checked again and NVidia Soundstorm is still coming up with the same error message I described here last year.

I'm wondering now whether my HD hasn't been borked for ages, but I'm too thick to have realised earlier...

...sounds most likely, I have to admit... :(

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