Maximum speed problems - router?

  pickles9 11:57 28 Nov 2005

Hi everyone.. new user here just looking for some help smile.gif

I'm living in shared university housing so rather than three of us getting individual connections we went for a 3mb/s connection on NTL to share between us. This all worked fine with the speed tests reporting that we were gaining pretty much what was expected.

We have recently upgraded to the 10mb/s service as has pretty much everyone else on the site by now.. however, these are the speed test results below..

Downstream 4744 Kbps (593.0 KB/sec) 5123 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 485 Kbps (60.6 KB/sec) 523 Kbps (inc. overheads)

This is with the modem directly connected to the router and then the connection shared wirelessly to each of our own individual computers.

However, connecting the modem via ethernet cable to my laptop gives this speed test result:

Downstream 9293 Kbps (1,161.6 KB/sec) 10036 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 505 Kbps (63.1 KB/sec) 545 Kbps (inc. overheads)

These are the speeds I would rather be getting, however it is not an option to be connected directly to my laptop due to the other housemates internet usage. On my laptop I use a wireless card but one of my other housemates has his computer linked to the router with ethernet cable but the speed tests are the same.. appeared to be around 5 megs.

I have checked all the settings for the router and all the firmware etc is up to date.. just wondering if I am missing something really simple? It is interesting to notice the upstream remains similar for both speed tests as well.. or is this normal? Thanks in advance for your help.

Techy info:
Router: Belkin 2.4 ghz 802.11g wireless router - 125 HSM model # FSD7231-4 version 1100UK
Modem: NTL 250 series.. less than 2 months old model # E08C007
Wireless cards - Belkin 125mb/s 802.11g Wireless Notebook Network Card model # FSD7011

Thanks and hope someone has a solution for me!

  pickles9 18:17 28 Nov 2005


  pickles9 20:49 28 Nov 2005

And again

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