maximum speed (bps)

  xtreme_computing 23:05 21 Feb 2003

hi all, i have windows xp and a 56k modem, this modem never achieves that and sometimes connects as slow as 28k, i know this can be down to the phone line, isp etc, but my question is that the maximum speed (bps) is set to 115200. now i have changed this to 921600, and i might be imagining it but things are loading quicker than usual and i connected at 44k. so with me having it set to 921600 could this cause any damage or problems, as i guess the modem is supposed to support 115200

if you want to know where to find this option, on xp

open Ie/tools/options/connections/settings/properties/general tab/configure

thanks for any response

  MAJ 23:09 21 Feb 2003

No it wont cause any harm having it set to 921600, xtreme_computing.

  xtreme_computing 23:15 21 Feb 2003

thanks for the reply, if i may pick your brain or whoever else reads this, do you know if this will improve the performance or know of why the setting is available,

if not thanks again

  jazzypop 23:21 21 Feb 2003

All you are doing is setting the maximum possible receive speed of your serial device (your modem).

You have raised the speed limit to 921Kb/s, but your modem is still only capable of a (theroretical ideal) maximum of 56Kb/s.

115.2, 921 - it makes no real difference.

  MAJ 23:22 21 Feb 2003

That setting is the port speed, xtreme_computing, it's the speed at which your computer "talks" to your modem. I honestly don't know why it has improved your performance, unless it's coincidental. It's usually, as you've said, your ISP, the line quality and the traffic that dictates your connection speed.

  xtreme_computing 23:31 21 Feb 2003

i agree with you both but its baffled me, i've just done a speed test at a few places, and i got 38k on one, on another i got 42k and on this other one i got as follows:

Speed Test (Results)

Loaded 2,031K bytes in 283.107 seconds.

Your throughput is 59 Kbps.

i don't know about the last one but this is where i did it

click here

but it does seem to have improved it,give it a try

pages are loading up quicker and they are not in the cache

  xtreme_computing 23:39 21 Feb 2003

myself and my dad think it is an improve ment, i have emptied the cache and loaded up pages that we normally find slow and they have improved, but as you say and probably think, (it is a coinsident), you may be right. as it is quite late at night this could also have an effect as the amount of traffic etc, but as it stands i am keeping the settings as it is. and hopefull, fingers crossed that it will stay this quick (as i can't get broadband round here), i did say it had got quicker but not as quick as broadband, i wish

thanks again and happy computing

  MAJ 23:40 21 Feb 2003

No difference here, unfortunately, xtreme_computing, but if it has improved things for you, stick with it. :-)

  xtreme_computing 23:45 21 Feb 2003

will do, probably will be back to normal tommorow

but its worth a try

its staying as it is for now

thanks again

  Stuartli 23:50 21 Feb 2003

If you go to Control Panel?Network and then highlight Dial-Up Adapter in the list, you can alter the packet setting to small (if you have it set at Automatic).

This can increase download speeds quite favourably if you are fortunate.

Also down load the 1.4 version update of DUN from the Microsoft website - this can also improve matters.

  xtreme_computing 23:56 21 Feb 2003

ok, i have checked for that but cant seem to see anything about packet setting, i am on xp.any ideas where it is on that.

and ill look into that 1.4 version update of DUN


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