Maximum Number of Hours a PC Should Operate

  zhylax 03:56 28 Oct 2006

I left my PC running for about a Day + 3 hours (total of 27 Hours), The fact that Im downloading a movie I was very excited to be able to watch it for the next day so I left it open overnight only to find out my PC was suddenly turned off when I woke up. Had it been on, It would have took around 32 hours of operation and the movie would have been completed. Is there a recommended number of hours that I should left my PC on or maybe the number of hours a PC should operate before turning off? Any tip is greatly appreciated! THANKS! =)

  Miros 04:27 28 Oct 2006

I often leave my PC on for days at a time but then again I wouldn't be downloading for any length of time unattended, I do keep all my safety and security devices up to date though this is a must.

That must have been some movie to run for that length of time?

I have read that turning PCs on and off wears them out same as it would a light bulb or so I'm given to believe, that's why I tend to leave it on though it does power down when not in use.

  Enoch 05:27 28 Oct 2006

My laptop stays on all the time. Very, very occassionally it has disconnected from the ISP, but usually it stays connected. This current laptop I have had for 4 years.

  zhylax 05:33 28 Oct 2006

Yap.. Actually Im having an average of 20-25 kbps for my download speed and it will always take me for around 2-3 days of full movie to download (around 700 mb). That is why I always leave my pc on for the whole night. Now its running smoothly for 6 hours and 56 minutes to be exact, could it be the power supply or the processor overheating that made my computer shutdown? and by the way, my power supply is just 3 years old. Anyway, thanks for that Miros! Is 10 hours of operation just fine before I turn off my PC? thanks again!

  zhylax 05:45 28 Oct 2006

Thanks for that Enoch, try that for my soon to be laptop (in my dreams (",))Anyway, I was particular for a desktop PC - The maximum hours it can operate. Thanks again...

  Technotiger 05:52 28 Oct 2006

Hi, very many people, myself included, leave their pc's on almost permanently. Think of all the millions of large offices all over the World with hundreds of pc's running day and night! Those pc's are mostly just like yours and mine, they do not have much, that ordinary home users like you and I, don't have.

Just make sure that everything you have is up-to-date, especially security items such as anti-virus etc, and that mostly your pc looks after itself, with automatic updates and virus etc checks done on a daily (nightly in my case) basis. The 'secret' to keeping most things running smoothly is regular maintenance of software and hardware - such as things like Defrag/RegScrub/DiskCleanups, even little things like keeping the inside of your mouse clean, and all the many other items talked about so often on Forums like this one.

Get into a regular routine for all of this and leaving your pc on most of the time is not going to cause any real problems. Not even on your electricity bill! PC use accounts for a very small proportion of your leccy bills.


  zhylax 06:17 28 Oct 2006

Technotiger, that was very rich! Lot of thanks for the info. I Guess you were right with the bill thing, but my mother insists it was my PC who eats her purse. Now you just gave me one big evidence it isn't... thanks again! I appreciate it...

More response please!...

  oyofeld 06:53 28 Oct 2006

hiya theres lots of reasons your computer turned itself off but there is no maximum time for a computer to be on.

if u think it might be overheating use a moniter program to check ure computer under maxiumum stress i.e runing as many programs as possible with high system requirments.

if u don't have a moniter many people use this one click here

  jimmer409® 07:00 28 Oct 2006

may be too easy, but have you been to control panel/power options and set everything correctly for your needs???

  zhylax 07:06 28 Oct 2006

What I mean is the maximum allowable time before the computer is totally stressed out, in that case I have to manually turn off the computer myself before such things happen.

thanks for that oyofeld. Unfortunately this is what I found out in their link:

Limitations: Lavalys has discontinued the free edition. This is unsupported.

are there any other free other than that you gave me?
Thanks for the responses! I need more nfo... =)

  Forum Editor 07:16 28 Oct 2006

permanently, although many people do it. I used to leave my office machines running all week, but now I have them turned off at the end of each day, and I encourage all my clients to do the same - all in the interests of energy conservation. Anyone who thinks that a computer consumes a tiny amount of power might like to reflect on how much energy a few hundred million machines can use if they're running all night with nobody using them. It's a foolish thing to consume power unnecessarily.

You should certainly never leave a computer permanently connected to your ISP, there's no advantage to doing so, and there can be disadvantages - a computer that sits on the same IP address for long periods is a target, ripe for attack by a passing hacker. No sensible person would dream of leaving a machine connected for very long periods without use.

Apart from that, all electronic components are affected by heat in the long term, and fan bearings don't last indefinitely. The debate has raged backwards and forwards for many years, but on balance I'm now in favour of the argument that says a computer's life is not shortened by repeated on/off cycles.

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