maximum amount of RAM with win 98 se

  io2000 21:39 07 Apr 2003

just to settle an augument my mate say's the maximum amout of ram 98SE will tolerate is 256 any more and it don't like it, i say this is bull 98se user's please let me know how much RAM your using and if it works ok. Thanks inadvance Deep

  bloo meeny 21:42 07 Apr 2003

No problem here:

Total Memory = 640 MB

256MB (pc133)
256MB (pc133)
128MB (pc100)

  machine minder 21:43 07 Apr 2003

I've had 512mb of RAM on my machine for months and problems at all....the system recognises it and everything.....comes in useful sometimes too....!!

  Switcher 21:43 07 Apr 2003

512 No Problems which I am aware of.

  johnem 21:43 07 Apr 2003

Deep, I always thought that the maximum RAM normally supported by W98SE was 512Meg, however if you invest in HyperOS, it is possible to run 1.024 Gig. Hope this is of help.

  LastChip 21:44 07 Apr 2003

Unless you use a memory manager such as Cacheman.

  Beas-Knees 21:45 07 Apr 2003

No more than 512mb is recommended.

  SMB Systems 21:58 07 Apr 2003

You can run easily 768mb, i have!!! With a few settings being changed it is possible to run 1Gb, a friend has done it I have seen it working.

  bloo meeny 21:58 07 Apr 2003

but 'SiSoft Sandra' & 'Aida32' both say 639MB :o)

  Patr100 21:59 07 Apr 2003

Yes, Microsoft recommend that the maximum Ram for 98 is 512MB - or even less if you experience instabilty, which is possible.

I use 384.

  bloo meeny 22:00 07 Apr 2003

OK SMB Systems, you win ... I give up !!

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