Maximising Battery life

  wee eddie 16:57 18 May 2003

Next weekend, I am playing cashier to a Fund-raising for the Local River Trust. we try to keep it clean, encourage wildlife etc. Unfortunately I expect to be on the river bank this year, previously I have been based in a house.


My laptop (on battery power)is usually good for about an hour and a half continuous operation.

I don't expect to need to physically use it for more than about an hour+, but this will be spread throughout the day.

Will I be best letting it go into sleep mode or should I switch it on and off?

There is a little Honda generator that we use to power the Farmers fridges. Theoretically this gives 240volts AC.

Would I be safe enough to plug into this if I took an anti surge bar with me?

  Forum Editor 17:09 18 May 2003

the laptop will consume hardly any power - but it will consume some.

Switching it on and off is the best plan. I'm not sure about the generator - in theory it will be OK (I used a borrowed Honda generator in the North Borneo rain forest a couple of years ago and it ran my Toshiba Portege a treat for about five days), but older generators can be spikey. The anti-surge bar should take care of things but proceed at your own risk.

  fitshase 17:19 18 May 2003

I used to put my laptop in Hybernate mode which used up next to no power over the time it was in that mode (maybe about 3% battery over 2 days). It has the advantage of, when you take it off hybernate, Windows is already loaded and pops straight up instead of using the battery power up on startup and shutdown.

Also, make sure that you remove all sounds, etc., from any actions in windows as this will just take up more power when they are used.

Using the built in pointing device instead of a USB one is also bound to save some power.

Load any software before you go and create any documents and layouts that you may need before you switch from mains to battery.

As for the generator, I have no experience of this so I would have to bow to the experience of the Forum Editor on that one.

Other than that the battery should last for on/off use throughout the day.



  wee eddie 11:21 19 May 2003

I did a test run yesterday, and didn't manage to last long enough on battery power alone. Even when I tried to hibernate between entries. I think my main problem will be the stall holders asking how they have done so far. Therefor requiring more viewing than I had originally reckoned.

I shall need to go for extra energy and take the risk of plugging into the generator for a short period of time.

  Belatucadrus 11:31 19 May 2003

click here for a powerbase backup battery from Morgan.

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