MAX mb broadband

  cyboard 20:41 31 May 2008

Hi i have just tried cancelling AOL because i am thinking of joining sky's 16 Mb broadband but the guy from AOL told me that the maximum that a bt line can hold is only 5Mb is this true?.

Many Thanks


  brundle 20:43 31 May 2008

Depends on the type of broadband and (if it's ADSL) your distance from the exchange. click here

  RobCharles1981 20:45 31 May 2008

AOL as far as I'm concerned tell a pack of lies, we need to see your line stats. What router or modem do you have???

In any case you will do well with Sky in fairness.

  woodchip 20:57 31 May 2008

I am on TalkTalk with a BT line at 1.8 miles from BT exchange can get nearly 7Mb at times.

Just checked with click here
At the moment 6569kbps download

upload 369kbps

  hagrid2244 22:06 31 May 2008

I am with sky and receive about 3.5 MB I have had no problems with them and is a good service. The spede will reduce with distance but i think you will average about 3-4 Mb

  beeuuem 01:20 01 Jun 2008

I'm with Be on a BT line click here

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