mATX PSU's "300W" Available? (for GFX CARD)

  AnthonyB 02:01 18 Nov 2004


I have a Hewlett Packard Pentium 4 2.66 Mhz (Pavilion and it has a Radeon 9000 GFX card in it. Now then, it as a 200 Watt power supply, and was told many times (not least here ;) that a Radeon 9700 wouldn't work in my system because of the requirements ATI set forward (300 watt minimum). However, since that, I ordered a Radeon 9800 Pro from over lockers, and just "hoped2 it would work...well, it did, and not one single issue at all. i had it 3 months, ran numerous 3d tests (5,670 3Dmark 2003) etc, but sold it top fund for a printer.

Now, I have set my eyes on a Radeon X800Pro, and would like to know if this would work too. click here and take a look at the wattage requirements of the X800Pro and the 9800 Pro (which worked flawlessly in my system) and you will see barely a watt between them. is this table to be trusted? - if so, could I go right ahead and order a Radeon X800Pro, with the assumption it will work?. I wouldn't go the Geforce 6800 route, because they require lots more power - but seen/heard people use these in shuttles - and with 200-240 watt PSU’s

What I'd like to know though (main Q really ;), is can you get mATX PSU's that are around the 300 watt mark? - Just in case I did have problems in the future?. my case won't take an ATX, (micro case), so would appreciate if anyone can point me the way, or linkage me to a *UK* place that sells PSU's of around 300 Watt.

PS: oh, and do places/shops do returns in UK if they don’t work? Maybe I can “squeeze” an ATX in my case, but some modification would be required here…..



  hugh-265156 02:44 18 Nov 2004

my guess is the card will work just fine if the 9800pro worked with your current psu. it depends on how much extra hardware you have attached and how the manufactures have rated your psu. I'm sure you will be fine with it.

recommended specs can be deceiving.

  €dstowe 06:38 18 Nov 2004

An Antec Aria case is a low format shuttle type that takes mATX M/Bs. The standard PSU for the Aria is 300W so, have a look what Antec have available.

  AnthonyB 16:39 18 Nov 2004

Thanks for replies. Found some interesting reading here regarding PSU's click here to see how a 300 watt PSU was put in a £2,231 from EVESHAM.

Well, I'm no electrician, but my 200 watt may be enough with just 1 HD (60Gig 5400 RPM), a DVD & Cdwriter in, ½ Gig ram etc (no modem ,that is external
click here to see my spec (it is the 1956 one) There is a 285 Watter from overclockers: click here and you'll see the Enermax EG285-SX-VB.

What "Rail" does the RAM, CPU run from etc?, Like I said though, no probs with the R9800…

  Megatyte 17:04 18 Nov 2004

280W Micro ATX PSU for £22 at...

click here


  Rayuk 18:50 18 Nov 2004

A lot boils down to the quality of the power supply,but as huggyg71 said it should work ok if you had no problems with the 9800Pro.

  AnthonyB 19:36 18 Nov 2004

Cheers Rayuk and all, now who's got them in stock at the cheapest prices then;) (Radeon X800 pro of course;))


  Rayuk 19:54 18 Nov 2004

click here
Just a note would not recommend Powercolor as there was a recent thread re warranty replacement query.There were no links for rma and e-mails not answered after a week.
Although first 12 months you can return it back to where you bought it after that problems.
Connect3D have good form I have a 9700Pro never any trouble

  Rayuk 19:56 18 Nov 2004

An afterthought if you are thinking of overclocking or modding to XT vivo version is the card to buy.

  AnthonyB 05:30 19 Nov 2004

Thanks Rayuk, Connect 3d was the one I had;) - since I play mainy driving games (Colin mcrae 4 (soon 5) Grand Prix 4 (my number one game)Toca race driver 2, Need for speed underground etc, I wondered whether I will actually need a X800 pro to run these games at good resolution (1280x768). The only driving game of note I had was "Grand Prix 4" when I had my radeon 9800 - and is processor dependent, so GFX cards make no difference at all to frame rate (superb AA/AF though:) as for the rest of the driving games, I wonder if a Radeon 9800 will do anyway (I have a 2.66 pentium 4 BTW) Toca race driver 2 and Colin mcrae 4 run suprizingly well on my Radeon 9000 (50 frames +) were need for speed underground start chugging at 1280 res (15fps). £300 is a lot to spend if I won't read the benefits (don't play DOOM III or games like that - but like a spot of UT;)

Thanks for all the help,



  Rayuk 17:25 19 Nov 2004

Looking through what you have said I would think the 9800Pro is good enough at the moment.
I have dabbled with FarCry runs ok with my 9800Pro.

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