Matt Egan

  muffin1947 10:37 26 Aug 2011

Does anyone else get all these emails from someone called Matt Egan.I have three email addresses Hot Mail,GMAIL AND BT Internet and I get these emails sent to all three addresses how do I stop them.It says he is a PCA editor.I just counted eleven emails from him on my GMAIL account and that was just the first page.Any advice please.

  spuds 10:49 26 Aug 2011

"It says he is a PCA Editor".

If you look at the bottom of the page, you will see a 'contact us' link. His name appears there.

  gengiscant 11:04 26 Aug 2011

It seems to me that if you should change your registered email address you not only get these emails to the new address but the old one also.Just do what I do,direct them to the spam folder.

  Matt Egan 11:13 26 Aug 2011

Hi muffin1947, I know a character called Matt Egan...

The emails you get from me are our editorial newsletters. We send out two - the by-weekly general newsletter, and a daily round-up of tech news each evening at 5pm. If you're receiving them, you must have signed up for them (possibly when you joined the site). However, it's an opt-in service, we're here to provide advice and there's no benefit to anyone from us sending you emails you don't want. We pride ourselves on going beyond the law in keeping our email lists as clean as possible (and 70,000 people choose to receive our emails every day).

So, to unsubscribe from the PC Advisor newsletter, simply click on 'My Profile' at the top of this page (or the unsubscribe link in the emails). About halfway down the page you'll see two tickboxes for 'PC Advisor Newsletter' and 'PC Advisor Daily'. Untick one, or both of these, and hit 'Update My Account', and you'll no longer receive the emails. And I'll try not to be too upset.

Hope this helps. Post here or drop me an email if you have any further problems.

  Matt Egan 11:15 26 Aug 2011

gengiscant we absolutely don't spam people. If you're having a problem with our emails let me know. As I say above, we're not remotely interested in sending emails to people who don't want them.

  gengiscant 11:31 26 Aug 2011

I did not say you spammed people, what I said is that if for whatever reason a registered email address has changed and one did not opt -out before changing email address then the newsletter will continue to be sent to the old address as well as the new.

Hope that's clearer!!!

  muffin1947 11:35 26 Aug 2011

Hi Matt thanks for your reply but both of those boxes were allready unticked.

  Matt Egan 12:04 26 Aug 2011

gengiscant Ah, yes, good point. If that's the case drop me a line with the relevant details. I'm always up for a bit of data cleansing...

  Matt Egan 12:15 26 Aug 2011

muffin1947 You're not wrong. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I just took the liberty of logging in as you, and I also checked both our email and user databases. You were unsubscribed at every stage up to - but not including - the email list, which is very odd.

So, firstly, I have manually taken you off the list, and you shouldn't receive any more emails. Please accept my apologies.

Almost as important, and so I can chase this up with our development team (and make sure no-one else is in the same situation), can you confirm that you had unsubscribed prior to today? I need to make sure it's not just a question of time (the email database queries the user database only at certain times, to reduce system overhead).

  muffin1947 12:47 26 Aug 2011

Hi Matt Yes I unticked these a couple of days ago.

  muffin1947 08:48 24 Sep 2011

I am still getting emails sent to my BT Internet email account.I have had some sent every day this week can these be stopped

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