Matsonic MS8127C motherboard

  interzone55 15:20 19 Jan 2003
  interzone55 15:20 19 Jan 2003

I have one of the above motherboards, at the moment it houses an Duron 850 processor, anyone any idea what speed CPU it will go to, can I use an Athlon XP? or will it peak at the 1400 Thunderbird.

Wanting to do it up for a friend & he's willing to pay for the parts, but only parts that will work, so I don't want to buy a CPU that won't work in it.


  Gongoozler 17:51 19 Jan 2003

alan14, according to Matsonic, the limit for the MS8127C is 1.2G click here. The MS8127C+ 266 can go to 1.7G click here.

  interzone55 20:15 20 Jan 2003

I have seen a similar page to the first link where it says 1.2Ghz & above.
This struck me as a little vague & wondered what the limit was.

Thanks for taking the time to look for me.

  Gongoozler 09:28 21 Jan 2003

Hi alan14, usually when a manufacturer says something like "1.2Ghz & above", they mean that at the time the board was made, 1.2GHz was the fastest available, and the motherboard had been tested and found to be compatible with that speed, but when a faster processor comes along they are confident they will be able to accommodate it, possibly with a BIOS upgrade. Unfortunately, when I looked at the web site, I didn't see any BIOS upgrades that mentioned faster processors.

  interzone55 20:38 22 Jan 2003

Thanks for replying.
I think I will tell my friend that I can upgrade to 1.2Mhz safely.

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