Matshita SR 8582 DVD - updating firmware

  chrisakaad 23:34 18 May 2003

On my system I have a Mat*[email protected]:a SR 8582 DVD rom (old I know) which is basically now used as a secondary cd rom drive, the problem now being it wont read some dvd programmes i have. This is not a region problem as the device is now region free. - I have been told it may be worth updating the firmware, but am unsure as to what this is and how to do it, can anyone answer the following for me:
1. where is the best place to download the latest firmware for this model?
2. is it easy to update the firmware once download - and what are the pitfalls if any ?
3. what are the benefits of updating the firmware ?

  hugh-265156 02:00 19 May 2003

1. from the manufacturers website

2. very easy.and very similar to a bios read all the instructions on the process beforehand and if nesessary print them out then the firmware is downloaded to a msdos boot disc.the computer is set up to boot from the floppy first via the bios and the computer is then restarted with the disc in the floppy drive.then follow the usually as simple as "do you want to continue updating firmware" press y for yes n for no etc.

pitfalls are a dead drive if the wrong firmware is need to make sure it is for your exact model.a power cut mid flash will render the drive useless too so make sure its the correct update and dont do in a thunderstorm.

benifits are usually improved handling of certain media types like cdrw or 3inch cdrs or certain brands of disc.or in your case dvds.

your drive is actually an oem panasonic jobby
click here

i cant see any firmware updates for your drive on the panasonic site and they refer you to your computer manufacturer for all updates.there are firmware updates for this model elsewere like click here for instance.but would check out the your computer manufacturers website first because there is also an sr8582 b model.

  dazzling (work) 09:15 19 May 2003

do you realise if you flash the firmware to manafactures spec you will lose your multi region abbilities.i have just done the 8587 with no problems try getting some patched firmware.cant remember the site but if you do a google search you will find it.darren

  dazzling (work) 09:27 19 May 2003

try here click here its where i got mine.darren

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