Matrox Capture & Premiere compatibility

  Audeal 15:37 21 Oct 2003

Hi All.

Does anybody have problems using Adobe Premiere with any of the Matrox Capture Cards.

About two years ago I purchased a Metrox Marvel G200 (without the TV option) from Ebay Auctions. This card has worked well on Win 98se and has given me no problems. The only problem I have had has been that I have not been able to find any software that will edit any work I have captured. I have tried various packages without success, notably, Adobe Premiere.

It would seem to me that these cards are designed for their own software and none other. They can be expensive cards and one would expect to be able to use them with the software of your choice, but I can't, for the life of me, get anything to work with it.

The bundled software with this card was "Avid Cinema", which went out some time ago and I have not been able to get hold of this program. I recently purchased a new program from Serif, called MoviePlus 1.0 and found the same problem with it. I phoned the Serif Help Line and they went through the setup with me and we could not get it to work. The final conclusion they came to was that due to the age of the capture card it was not compatibly with the "Modern" software.

I have now upgraded to XP Pro. In an attempt to solve this problem, I purchased a new card from Matox. This time I purchased the Marvel G450 eTV. This has the Ulead Video Studio v4 bundled with it. It seem to be modified to work with this card. I am not impressed with this software and still want to use Adobe Premiere but this will still not work with the card.

Does anybody know why this card will not work with Premiere and if it can be solved. I am looking for any help on this matter before I send it back.

Many thanks. Audeal.

  MichelleC 17:06 21 Oct 2003

Or you could use the capture card with Ulead, render to avi in Ulead and then import that avi into Adobe. (You won't get any further degredation.) Many dv'ers use 2 or 3 dv editing progs, using the various utilities with each one.

  Audeal 19:11 21 Oct 2003

MichelleC. Thanks for that info. I will check that out shortly as I am rather busy at the moment. I will get back to you later to let you know how I made out.

  Audeal 21:25 21 Oct 2003

MichelleC. I tried your suggestion and found that, although it worked, the footage became a little jerkey. But you have shown me the way now and I will keep trying to work it out.

I did think that it might be better if I could convert the file instead of rendering which takes about 30mins for each 5mins of footage and I have got two - two hour films to join together, that will take about 24 hours to render. Any Ideas on converting the files.

  MichelleC 10:33 22 Oct 2003

If video is jerky, or if ever there's pixellation in some frames, it's usually some conflict in os. That is if all usual dv editing criteria has been checked 1st:

DMA on hd's enabled

Main prog on 'c', with data and editing on another hd

regular defragging

all non-vital b/g progs off, especially av and firewall (when rendering it's not vital, but it's best to free up as much ram as possible). I use EndItAll to 'close' (not 'kill' as data may be lost) all progs, and if there's any still on I disable on taskbar icons.

I use w2k and driver database is not as good as 98+ (same prob as xp) so once driver conflicts are sorted it's better than 98+.

As an extra it may be a good idea to run a few os and system checks. I had minor quirks on dv and updated chipset driver which fixed it.

  Audeal 12:06 22 Oct 2003

MichelleC: Your info is interesting although I do observe most of what you say. eg. DMA are not checked as I do not know how to check this on XP, but I will find out how to do it. Program on 'C' Drive and data on 'G' drive. Both drives are 7200rpm. I defragged a few days ago. I also use 'End it all' but some programs can not be closed so have to be killed. I will check this is set up correctly.

Once again I thank you for your time and effort.

  MichelleC 13:13 22 Oct 2003

Go to device manager, IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and r-click each hd /Properties/Advanced settings and check for dma if available. Also check in bios if dma is enabled.

To increase paging go to control panel/system/advanced/performance options/change, and increase to 2-3 times ram amount. Sometimes this extra space is better for large file work.

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