Maths question and Recovery Question

  eysha1 13:35 09 Feb 2013

Ok, i am totally useless at maths. I need to partition my new hard drive and i want the main C drive to bee 100 gigs, what is that in mgs? I am lost But very easy for you clever folks. Also, with this new laptop should i copy/burn recovery data on to disk? Getting a new laptop is a bit like moving house i think.

  Chronos the 2nd 14:03 09 Feb 2013

100GB's = 102400MB's and yes always best to copy all your personal stuff over to an External hard-drive. Though if you are just going to fling the laptop, you could remove the HDD and attach it to your new PC using a caddy the copy your files ETC over and then keep it as a backup.

  iscanut 14:05 09 Feb 2013

1024 bytes = 1 kilobyte 1024 kilobytes = 1 megabyte 1024 megabytes = 1 gigabyte 1024 gigabytes = terabyte.

Most hard drives these days on new pc come with at least 500 gbytes and many now are providing 1 terabyte. I would suggest that your main drive C: partition should be at least 500 Gbyte unless it is ONLY for the operating system and all other data and programs on another partition. Then drive C: could be smaller. Its always a good idea to have a recovery disc on a separate CD/DVD

  eysha1 14:29 09 Feb 2013

My new laptop is a 750 gig hardrive. I have partitioned it to the C drive at 97.6 gigs with the E drive at 560 gigs. should i now divide the C drive again using one section for OS and the rest for progreammes? if so what do you recommend? I haven't put any programmes on yet as it is a new laptop. i seem to have 450 megs of Healthy Partition - 260megs of healthy (EFI System - 9.80 gigs of Healthy recovery partition - my C drive is now at 127 gigs with my E at 560 gigs. I normally keep my programmes on the C drive along with some unimportant stuff and all important stuff on the E drive.

  tullie 14:35 09 Feb 2013

Why partition?Everything is still on the same HD.

  eysha1 14:41 09 Feb 2013

I think Iscanute is suggesting i keep my programmes on a seperate section and the OS on a seperate section. I am new to this so happy to take advice and if it is a good idea to follow Iscanute's suggestion then i am happy to do that, it might save problems in the future. My old laptop is having issues, Windows Host Protocol if i remembver properly and i didn't get it fixed so the problems continue, and i do have programms and OS on the one drive on that laptop.

  rdave13 17:42 09 Feb 2013

It's worth keeping the OS separate to your data in case of viruses etc. So I'd create a partition for data and installing programs. The OS partition is good enough at about 120 GB. Make sure you don't touch the restore partition though. So before you make any changes CREATE your recovery discs as soon as.

Unfortunately it doesn't matter how many partitions you create if the HDD dies so you should also create images on an external drive .

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