Mates Rates

  crosstrainer 09:56 23 Feb 2008

Or to be more accurate, neighbours rates. With the uptake of wireless broadband (seems to have really taken off since christmas) I am getting a steady stream of neighbours politely asking me to configure new kit that they have purchased from the likes of PCW etc.

I have no issues with installing and configuring my own clients equipment, and the odd freebie is good for business.....However, I am getting a bit miffed at having to spend a portion of my weekend setting up wirless networks for aforementioned neighbours.

My staff suggest I should start saying things like "I'll book you in for next week at a time to suit you" (obviously at a price)

I know I'm a bit of a soft touch....Any diplomats in our midst?

  Forum Editor 12:20 23 Feb 2008

and it has a pretty basic solution - there's no need for diplomacy. Just tell people that you'll do the work for your normal fee, and mention the figure.

I wouldn't spend part of any weekend working for nothing. If you have people working for you, get them to do it - it's called delegation.

  crosstrainer 13:23 23 Feb 2008

All well and good in theory, and we often work weekends's just that once you have sent a precedent (oh he did mine for free, give him a knock) it is more difficult to say no!

Not doing anything today expect watching Wales beat Italy, and France beat England :)

  crosstrainer 13:23 23 Feb 2008

Set not sent:)

  wee eddie 16:32 23 Feb 2008

say that you're really partial to a Malt or Cognac, maybe a case of Bud or Pepsi, whatever. Perhaps something for your PC, say a Pen Drive or an iPod Nano.

Let them beat you down a bit, they'll feel really chuffed and that they got a bargain.

  Forum Editor 17:08 23 Feb 2008

was never to work for friends. I'm happy to provide free advice, or even to do things, provided no money (or anything else of significant value) changes hands.

Neighbours don't always count as friends, so they would be expected to pay the same as anyone else.

  lisa02 17:31 23 Feb 2008

Taking advantage is what it is called.

"precedent (oh he did mine for free, give him a knock) it is more difficult to say no!"

Think of it this way... the ones you did for free where just an introductory offer and start charging now that the requests for service are increasing.

  eoinrua 06:58 24 Feb 2008

Setting up wireless is a misery. I tend to work on a barter principle: I set up their wireless, but they do something for me.

I did my share of upgrades free of charge but then I caught myself on.

You change my glowplugs and I'll re-format your hard-drive.

Don't be soft.

  crosstrainer 07:31 24 Feb 2008

I could get a good gardener :) out of this, but will start charging I think....Part of this stems from the from, that since the death of my wife (and the kids long since grown and flown) I suppose people feel it is easier to try me as I have no family commitments.

Starting tommorow, no more freebies, If I offend anyone then so be it...Reclaim the weekends!

  Noels 14:40 24 Oct 2008

But I have a very close friend, now retired from the IT business who had his evenings and weekends
ruined by being called upon to sort other people problems.
He now says I charge £** an hour (even to very close friends). Anyone wanting his services weighs up whether £** an hour is worth it.
Its cut his wasted time to nil and I believe it still provides him with a legitimate income.

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