Mates hdd, his virus, my nightmare!

  Epirb406 22:19 10 Apr 2004

Trying to sort out out a mates win 98 instalation after swen, bugbear and Netsky amoungst others.

Put his hdd in as slave on a network that includes norton AV 2004.

Cleaned up 20 or so files.

Got his machine to boot but most double clicks lead to a message " windows cannot find umxygs.exe, this progrman is needed for opening file type 'application'"

Therefore, cannot run sfc, cannot uninstal old antivirus prog, cannot install new.

Presume I need to banish some sort of nasty or/and reassociate *.exe.

Any ideas peeps? Thanks, Epirb.

  VoG II 22:24 10 Apr 2004

AS a first attempt try Stinger click here

  Epirb406 23:01 10 Apr 2004

thanks respose, downloaded stinger but I an't access his a or d drives, can I run stinger with his drive as slave on another pc?

Cheers, Epirb.

  gudgulf 23:06 10 Apr 2004

I've done exactly that--Stick his hard drive in your pc and run your own av/stinger from there.
I also made back-ups of all the needed files from my friends HD then I could reformat/reinstall windows from scratch on his machine if the clean up didn't work.

  AndySD 23:12 10 Apr 2004

If the exe files are assosiated with umxygs.exe then someting is still in there. My advice is to double check you have backed everything off the pc your mate wants them Format and reinatall.

  Epirb406 23:32 10 Apr 2004

will report back tomorrow!

epirb ( the knackerd one)

  Epirb406 13:31 11 Apr 2004

Put his hdd in my pc.

Ran stinger and did a full scan with Norton 2004.

Picked up nothing with stinger and 1 trojan (pws.hooker) and 2 diallers with Noton 2004.

Reinstalled disk into his machine and am still getting the cannot find umxygs.exe message every time I try to rum anything.

I am without his win 98 disk and cannot convince his machine to boot from floppy ( suspect drive may be dead as just got a drive not ready message from a newly formatted disk)

Anyone ANY clues?

Thanks, EPirb.

  keith-236785 13:49 11 Apr 2004

one problem might be that you didnt alter the jumper on the rear of the drive from Master (as it would be in your friends pc) to slave for your own setup.

take out the drive and look on the drive, it should show a picture of the setup for the jumper.

set it to the slave or CS (cable select) and put back in your pc.

then when you are booted up, open my computer, right click on your friends drive and select format. choose full format so you know it has all gone, as quick format only removes the drive info.

  Epirb406 14:03 11 Apr 2004

Think that I must not be making myself clear paperman.

I did indeed set the jumpers for slave when his hdd was in my machine and then back to master when it went back into his.

Thing is I don't want to reformat his hdd, especially not yet as I can't access his floppy which would give me boot issues.

Thanks for the thoughts, Epirb.

  bremner 14:11 11 Apr 2004

To reassociate exe files try this click here

  Epirb406 14:30 11 Apr 2004

thought you had it there bremner.

Unfortunatly I cannot run command or regedit. com once the file is copied over, I am getting 'cannot find umxygs.exe this is needed for files of type msdos application!

Grr, any other ideas?

Thanks, epirb.

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