Master/slave drive set up.

  jack 20:10 27 Oct 2010

I have a machine that has a duel system mother board.
The Hard drives are SCSI.
The board is also IDE that carries the CD player/burner.
I am considering using the IDE channel to add another Hard drive.
So which is the preferred sequence Hard drive as master or slave
I under stand that 'cable select' method requires a different cable.
Which one is fitted? - haven't a clue

  gaucho. 20:36 27 Oct 2010

I under stand that 'cable select' method requires a different cable.

No it does not for ide drives. You just alter the jumpers on the rear of the drives to cable select IF they have that setting. It's the positioning on the ide cable that determines which is master and which is slave.

  gaucho. 20:39 27 Oct 2010

it is advisable to have the hard drive on a separate ide channel away from the optical drives.
If it has 2 ide sockets on the motherboard. Use one socket for optical drives and one for hard drives.

  jack 08:51 28 Oct 2010

Next question.
Have determined that the board connectors follow the familiar blue/black convention.
1. Should I treat the two drives as master/slave, in which case which?
2.As the SCSI 'C' is the primary[master] should they both be slaves to the primary.
3. Is e IDE channel completely a separate
entity and be as Q1?

  gaucho. 11:23 28 Oct 2010

1. are you sure it's a scsi drive and not sata. scsi technology is quite old and is sometimes referred to on sata drives. older machines or servers would use scsi interfaces.

do you know the make and model of the motherboard. do you know if it has a scsi pci adapter card installed into the motherboard. You can see this as the scsi hard drive would be plugged into a card slotted into the pci slots.

does the scsi data cable look wide, like an ide ribbon cable or is it quite narrow.

on the limited information from your post. I'll try to guess your questions

1. If you just have one ide channel on the motherboard. I would guess that it is a modern motherboard and you have sata capability.
If the motherboard has two ide connecters. Put the optical drives on one channel and the hard drive, separatly on the other channel. If you have to connect the hard drive to and optical drive on one ide cable. Make the hard drive master and optical drive slave.

2. No. It does not matter. As long as you have the boot order set to boot from scsi.

3.eide is exactly the same as ide. The e at the begining stands for enhanced ide also called pata.If you have two ide connecters on the motherboard. They both will be eide also called enhanced.

  jack 12:27 28 Oct 2010

A very odd machine this made for a special application Mobo make unknown
Not Sata[Iam familiar with that one I call it a variation of USB]
The cable is wide like an IDE but is pink and the connector/socket configuration is reversed
See the pix

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

Soo The two existing harddrives go to mobo via the pink connector,and further on is the ususal blue/black IDE pair to which the Optical drive is connected on the blue so is master of that channel.

  gaucho. 18:58 28 Oct 2010

You are right. that is a scsi drive.

The two existing harddrives go to mobo via the pink connector.

They will be the scsi drives.

and further on is the ususal blue/black IDE pair.

Do you mean the IDE ribbon cable or the sockets on the motherboard?

Are the optical drives on one ribbon cable or separate cables?

Do the ribbon cables have one or two connecters branching off the cable?

  jack 19:44 28 Oct 2010

Are the Blue /Black as per normal
As built the Optical drive- a simple CD player is connected to the Blue IDE socket and is set as Master.
So now I want to introduce another Hard drive by using the unpopulated IDE socket.
So do I now treatd IDE channel as a separate entity
with is own master/slave configuration
If so which is preferred order.
or can there be[as is usual with a single channel set up]only one Master[ 'C' on the SCSI channel ]

  gaucho. 22:03 28 Oct 2010

So do I now treatd IDE channel as a separate entity


If so which is preferred order.

To add the new hard drive as backup or extra storage?

It does not matter. Master or slave will work. Make sure you use a 80 wire 40 pin ide ribbon cable for best performance.

Connect ne w ide cable to motherboard and hard drive. Plus of course the power connecter.

Boot up the computer and freeze the post screen to see it is registered.

If it boots straight in to windows, format the drive via disk management.

If it does not boot to windows and says missing operating system. Ctrl+alt+delte to go to the bios. select the scsi drive as first boot option.

  jack 14:09 30 Oct 2010

This all started when the power supply failed.
Purchased new power supply- fitted it all worked perfectly.
As stated decided to replace existing CD player with a DVD/Burner unit which ran from the IDE channel and at the same time add a hard drive to the string.
Now the trouble started.
Initially to machine would not start.
Thast is the power supply did not run.
Checked all and disconnected the IDE devices
Then it started.
But only to the BIOS and showed No operating system loaded and then SCSI controller Error 3.
Looking in the SCSI set up there are many channels but the ADAPTEC adapter is shown highlighted as the functioning device.
But no go- have touched checked the SCSI drives and they appear to running.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 30 Oct 2010

Check SSCI is enabled in BIOS (may have been autoatically disabled when you fitted a IDE hard drive.

Check SSCI is first bootable device

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