Master socket faceplate adapter

  numskull 10:37 17 Jul 2007

I have seen an adapter for the master socket faceplate which allows you to plug in your ADSL connection bypassing the extension wiring. I cannot find the link now. Can anyone tell me where to get one?

  robbiepaul79 10:43 17 Jul 2007

I had one of these installed for myself, yet it was BT's own engineers that done the work not sure if one can do it 'DIY'

  crosstrainer 10:45 17 Jul 2007

just found this click here

  Stuartli 11:07 17 Jul 2007

If you have the standard BT NTE5 Master socket, you can take off the bottom plate and use the telephone socket it houses for a direct line (normally for testing purposes).

  Stuartli 11:08 17 Jul 2007

If you scroll down this link (an excellent retailer), you can see an illustration of an NTE5 box with the cover off:

click here

  oldbeefer2 11:51 17 Jul 2007

Crosstrainer's suggestion is the one I use - has the benefit of a built-in filter.

  numskull 11:54 17 Jul 2007

I did disconnect the extension wiring but had Sky+ installed yesterday and was told that I need to have the Sky box connected to a telephone line so the engineer reconnected the extension wiring.
My broadand speed seems to have dropped since then. I might try only connecting wires 2 + 5 but it says you have to do that with all your sockets and I have loads!

  Dipso 12:22 17 Jul 2007

Did he filter the Sky box connection?

This seems to be happening a lot with Sky installations. The Sky engineers fit the equipment with no regard to your broadband and mess up the connection in the process.

You might be lucky and he may have just upset your profile, if this is the case your speed should pick up in 3 days but if it isn't filtered it will affect the connection until you can get it filtered.

The ADSL Nation faceplate linked to by crosstrainer is highly regarded.

  numskull 12:31 17 Jul 2007

There is a filter on the Sky box. I was connecting at 7.7, now down to 5.3Mbps

  Dipso 14:03 17 Jul 2007

Somethings introducing more noise than before then.

Is it your filter on the Sky box or are they provided? If you disconnect the Sky (temporarily)does the connection speed improve?

Excuse my ignorance as I've only got ordinary Sky and don't have mine connected to the phone.

  numskull 08:58 18 Jul 2007

I have disconnected the wiring in all the extension sockets, leaving wires 2 + 5 and I seem to be back up to 7.7Mbps. Getting slower speedtests though but that might pick up. I did order crosstrainer's suggested faceplate but not sure that I need it now.

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