master and slave drive

  the kopite 14:58 17 Feb 2005

Hi Guys I have just installed a slave drive in win 2000k how can I configure my drive letters please at the moment my master is c d e but my slave is h and i with my cd writer at f and my dvd at g can I get them to run cdefg hard drives and h i cdwriter and dvd hope you understand what I am trying to say thanks kopite

  Graham ® 15:06 17 Feb 2005

Start, right click My Computer, Manage, Disk Management, right click on a drive to change the letter. Change F and G first to free the letters.

  the kopite 15:13 17 Feb 2005

Amazingly quick graham will try it now thanks a lot kopite

  the kopite 15:22 17 Feb 2005

All done and dusted graham thanks it looks nice a nd tidy now kopite

  Graham ® 15:44 17 Feb 2005

My pleasure. Please tick resolved.

  FelixTCat 15:46 17 Feb 2005

You might like to give your CD and DVD drives letters like Y: and Z: That way, their letters will not change even if you add another hard drive, removable drive, digital camera, USB drive or anything else. Useful if one of your programs wants to call the original CD for an update, etc

  the kopite 16:25 17 Feb 2005

good idead felix thanks kopite

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