Master & Slave

  Actor One 14:40 05 Jun 2011

Last night I installed a new graphics card, this card needs an extra PCI power cable, which was at the back of all the other cable, so I had to unplug everything from the PSU. On replugging everything in, I eventually got everything working again, but on checking the BIOS settiings, I seem to have made by two DVD Drives by Primary Master IDE & Primary Slave IDE devices, my two hard discs (C: & D: have become SATA 1 & SATA 2. Eventually I managed to get everything to work, by making my Hard Disk my primary boot disc, but I`m a bit confuddled.... How did my two dvd:ram discs become the Primary Slave & Master, I cant remember the original settings of the BIOS, so I dont know if that is how it was set up in the first place, would this have happened when I plugged everything back into the PSU?, and indeed, does it matter, as my boot up is much quicker than before, I have everything working (I think), and my new graphics card (MSI GTX560I) is 30% faster and runs at half the temperature of my previous card (XTX 8800GT XXX Alpha Dog), which ran at very high temps and kept falling over. What I think Im asking for is re-assurance, I think quite a few people have had the feeling that something isnt quite right, or, why have I got a screw left over feeling..... Many thanks in advance.

  Actor One 14:41 05 Jun 2011

Why are there a load of different fonts in my post...?

  Actor One 14:48 05 Jun 2011

it is the apostophe or ` next to the number 1 which changes the font...WHY?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:49 05 Jun 2011

The settings are correct as there is no master slave with SATA.

if you only have 1 IDE slot then it will be primary and it sounds as if your optical drives are IDE and Hard drives are SATA (typical configuration for a 5/6 yr old PC)

Site has similar configuration as word for in the fact it can use symbols to change font styles, takes some getting used to.

  lotvic 18:42 05 Jun 2011

The apostrophe is on the same key as @. The symbol ` next to the 1 key is not an apostrophe.

  Actor One 13:09 06 Jun 2011

Thanks chaps... or should that be thank's chaps... Ive always used the one next to the number 1... since 1990.... but it does change the font see... odd. `(:-)

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