Massive Unexpected Hard Drive activity

  Sapins 09:22 26 May 2004

I have XP Home and Norton System Works with GoBack v3.0

This morning I tried to access - My Account/Subscription on to check a change I have made to my subscription,(Broadband upgrade) for some reason this was blocked so I left it for now. I then went to samsung. com to download a manual for a dvd/video recorder,and I was asked if I wanted to accept or reject a plug-in to enable me to view DjVu documents, I clicked no. I then went through Samsung's procedure to find the manual and getting to the point where I clicked on the download button but it would not start the download. I then noticed this massive activity on the hard drive, the light was on constantly not flickering.

I then opened GoBack to find that there were no points that I could revert to.

Does anyone know why GoBack has had the history wiped clean, I don't think it could be because I visited a couple of sites, Wanadoo I look at each day and Samsung I have visited a few times.
I have reported the problem re downloading to Samsung but whether I get a reply or not!

Samsung site now say's Server too busy!

Also does anyone have an opinion on which is best GoBack or XP'S System Restore? (Which I have switched to for now)

  johnnyrocker 09:28 26 May 2004

i must say my xp has got me out of a couple of scrapes before, dont know much about go back buut it seems to me a system designed with it's own recovery facility is preferable (unless somebody know's different;)


  Sapins 10:29 26 May 2004

Hi johnnyrocker, after the problems I've had I tend to agree with you. I'm using system restore for the first time and I've found it easy to set a restore point yourself whereas GoBack decides when to create one for you, some of which you don't need.



  Sapins 12:19 26 May 2004


  johnnyrocker 12:23 26 May 2004

yes it is much simpler and manageable.


  Sapins 17:20 26 May 2004

Sorry johnnyrocker, forgot to say thank you, your help is very much appreciated,



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