Massive 3 bill after using mobile as a modem

  JP Isleworth 09:54 07 Dec 2007

Please can you help - my fiend has just got a massive bill from 3 - see his explanation below. Where would he stand with them re having topay full bill? are calls recorded? any help appreciated.


I was in the process of moving home, the landline was off because belonged to my flat mate,

I knew that there is a modem in my mobile N70 mobile so I rang 3 custumer service on the 3rd of November to find out how much will it cost to connect my pc through the internet by my mobile,

The guy on the phone explained to me that it was possible doing so by just buying a 5 pound internet add on, and that I could start using it straight away,

When connecting a message on my pc expained you will be charged for internet unless you have an add-on,

Fair enough I thought, just had an add-on! The speed was not excellent but I was happy I could use the internet, this until last Friday the 30th November when I recevied a bill of 725 punds!

I ve now rung three many times to sort this out and I m told that there is a charge for megabites of usage if you use your mobile as a modem,

Totally not aware of it I m now left for someone to get back to me from management!

  chub_tor 10:18 07 Dec 2007

Sympathetic as I am for your friend and his large phone bill I cannot believe that he was naive enough to think that he could use his phone on the internet for unlimited downloading for a one of payment of £5. If that was so why wouldn't everybody be doing it to access the internet and sending emails etc.

The key to this seems to be the warning "When connecting a message on my PC explained you will be charged for internet...... etc." I suspect that either the warning message wasn't clear enough or your friend didn't read it carefully enough.

I don't think that he has a leg to stand on and unfortunately will have to pay up. Perhaps he can come to an arrangement with 3 to pay in installments.

  Seth Haniel 10:24 07 Dec 2007

is £5 a month evenings 7am-7am and all Saturdaty and Sunday

for £8.00 You get 24/7 with a limit of 30mb / month

so unless on some premium rate sites or a vast excess of megabites I would query it

  JP Isleworth 10:28 07 Dec 2007

I have also seen that 3 do a £10 a month broadband dongle which would have been a much better option - I think the point is was the advise offered by 3 very bad given the fact he rang and asked how to best access with no pc modem.

  johnnyrocker 10:37 07 Dec 2007

when management do get back to him ask them to have the call listened to maybe it was not explained clearly but i doubt it, there may be some leeway over that. however if, as posted prev it is a case of not having read th pc warning it is ones own fault.


  v1asco 10:54 07 Dec 2007

I have been with 3 almost since their start in the UK market.

I have found that at times if I get to the overseas call centre there can be confusion in which case I've called back to confirm the deal or query it. I would think johnnyrockers advice above a good step to take. If you can, try to get to the Glasgow Call Centres number and use them to sort out the problem. Maybe popping into a 3 shop, or calling one and explaining the situation will be helpful. As JP Isleworth
says, you should have been offerred the braodband deal, you could ask why you were not, use the bad advice angle?

The odd time I have had a dispute (thankfully, none as big as yours) they have been very helpful and friendly.

Overall I find them OK and once with them I get very good deals.

Good Luck

  Seth Haniel 14:02 13 Dec 2007

A Canadian man has been shocked to receive a mobile phone billclick here for nearly $85,000 (£41,000).

  lotvic 18:49 13 Dec 2007

I don't have '3' but I have found this information from other users. You will need to read all the posts to get the info and understand it. click here (Three - modem use allowed? thread on

hope it helps

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