Masking your static IP when using Broadband!

  SimonC 10:00 25 May 2003

Mornin' all
I was wondering if any of you could help me. This coming week I am having Telewest Broadband installed in my home. Naturally I am very excited but a little concerned about the static IP this will bring. My question is this how do I mask my IP so I can surf anonymously at all times?. A static IP is all very well but I can't help worrying that it will only take one hacker to come across me online and he\she will know where I am forever. I also have an issue with keeping my own privacy online, it has always gauled me that sites feel they have the rights to monitor you without your permission, ie cookies and with broadband monitoring your surfing habits by logging your IP address.

I would be very grateful of any help,



  SimonC 10:29 25 May 2003


  The PC Doctor 11:57 25 May 2003

The two basic things you need to worry about is to get yourself a good Anti-virus software and a good firewall. I use Kapersky labs AVP and Zonealarm (Free version) these suits my needs without having to fill my PC up with all kinds of Anti software.

If you already have these or similar then I would suggest you are fairly safe from hackers.

My thoughts are that the dedicated Hacker is more interested in the larger corporations then me. The part time Hackers will search around for open PC's if it find a PC which can be Hacked with difficulty and one that is open then they will always try the easy option first. I hope I've made my PC 'not worth the effort'.

There is sooo much you can do to hide/protect yourself these days, most of which involve software, try a search on the Internet for PC Security etc.

I've no doubt there is a way to 'hide' your TCP/IP Address but there is only so far you can go as a home user before the security starts getting in the way.

Disclaimer; These are the views of the fingers which sometimes work independently of the brain! If I have typed in anything which offends or upsets anyone - Whoops!

  DieSse 13:03 25 May 2003

The internet would not work if your IP was hedden - as no-one would be able to send anything to your system if your IP was unknown! By anything - i mean even a web page.

The answer, as The PC Doctor points out, is a Firewall - sygate personal, Zone Alarm and Outpost are all free for personal use and highly regarded.

You needa an AV program too - all AV programs stop most viruses; for top performance I use and recommend click here

  BLB 17:59 25 May 2003

I think there is a site named Anonymizer.? that lets you surf to your hearts content and no one can tell your address or where your surfing from.Try the free trial.

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