marked speed on DVD disks ???

  WallyD 18:57 26 Dec 2006

Having just reached the dizzy heights of being able to burn DVD's I've received a Xmas box of fifty X8 speed DVD's. My new writer will write at X16 speed. Do I take the chance and use these without slowing down to X8 or see if I can exchange the DVD's. I know its a silly question but many of you have experience with DVD's and lets face it not many cd's were failures as faster drives came out. many thanks

  jimv7 19:02 26 Dec 2006

It just means that an 8x dvd will burn at 8x in your 16x dvd writer.

Same as a 1x dvd will burn at 1x in your 16x dvd writer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 26 Dec 2006

Never burn at the max speed.
A slower speed means you are less likely to end up with a bad disc.

  WallyD 19:11 26 Dec 2006

Thank you I appreciated you reply BUT will I get away with burning at X16 with X8. Thats why I pointed out its a silly question. But over the years you could pay for some goods that were equal in performance but hyped up to obtain more profit. Cheers

  postie24 20:10 26 Dec 2006

Yes you will get away with it,but it will still only burn at x8 as pointed out.If you intend burning a lot of dvds,stick wth the x8,as pointed out by Fruit Bat /\0/\,less burn errors are more likely.


  greenlamp 01:10 27 Dec 2006

I have tended to find that if DVD- they tend to burn at the rated speed as a maximum, while DVD+ will often burn at the next speed up [if the writer supports it].

  postie24 13:49 27 Dec 2006

Greenlamp,i never knew that.I dont stop learning on this forum.


  €dstowe 13:55 27 Dec 2006

Ignore the burning speed of your hardware here. Burn at less than the maximum capability of the disk itself to avoid wasted disks. If the maximum burning speed of the disk is 8X then set the burner to 6X (if it will do it) or 4X.

Even if you get 16X disks to suit your burner, do the burning at a lower speed that the setup is capable of.

(Message from one who has burned many, many thousands of DVDs).

  howard64 14:12 27 Dec 2006

it depends on the prog you are using - with Nero it generally picks the best speed to do the job and by sticking to its recommendations I have [so far] never burnt a dud.

  WallyD 14:21 27 Dec 2006

Many thanks for your experience
I've just exchanged them at the local shop for 16 speed so I'll burn at 8

  David4637 13:31 28 Dec 2006

Use RW discs until you establish the right speed to burn then use an R, otherwise you will create coasters. David

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